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  1. 1.How can I sponsor others with my account in zinoly?
    2.What is minimum and maximum amount to register in zinoly

    1. As soon as you register on Zinoly, you will get your unique deferral link. With this link you can share it with others and they will register under you.
      You need 1,500 naira to register and there’s no limit to the numbers of persons you can refer

          1. I am a Nigerian living in Ghana. Can I join zinoly using my Ghana number? When I tried to register, I was asked to use my Nigerian number which is not active. Although I have an account that is active in Nigeria.

      1. Pls can use my Facebook and my account to open for someone that don’t have,I over 20person but issues of fb and bank won’t let them in,so can I use mine

  2. Always try to login and earn but it will popout a tap that I should click on an image before earning whole the image is no where to be found what’s wrong

      1. Boss Kennedy I lost my account why I was doing the registration and I paid too but I haven’t complete the process before the mess pls solutions

        1. If you have the same number active with you just use the number and login you will see the registration step where you ended it. But if the number is missing then you can’t possibly get that account again

    Earn money online everyday in Nigeria legitimately by becoming a Member on Zinoly. You earn money on Zinoly by Checking our website daily, reading and commenting on news with just #1,500.
    Many people have been scammed by massive earning scheme of sites, which enticed them to join not knowing its a plan to lure them in.
    *Zinoly is unique*
    *Summary of how it works*
    Daily login ₦50
    Sharing of Sponsored Posts ₦100
    Well constructed comment ₦2
    Sharing of Sponsored Post ₦100
    Referral bonus ₦1000
    *SIGN UP FEE ₦1,500*
    *Minimum Withdrawal ₦5000*
    *Payment is every 21st of the month, you must make a payout request when you are willing to cash out before the 20th of the month.
    Click here to register: https://zinoly.com/r/
    You can also join the group: https://

  4. I’m Bilal from Kano state, I have thousands of friends over my facebook account. And some friends on whatsapp . In interested in zinoly and I want to register and participate. But don’t have 1500 for now someone pls register for me and I’ll pay you back pls 08060988601

  5. My zinoly account wrote this when I want to login
    Zinoly is down for now for quick maintenance and it will take couples of hours……….
    What can I do?

  6. After making the payment on zinoly I want not directed to the page in which I will fill in my account details instead I was returned back to that same page to put my ATM details again.

  7. The problem here is that, my zinoly account wasn’t activated after I pay in my money, the page I was suppose to fill in my login details or dashboard didn’t appear instead it was taking me back to input my account details again.
    Help me please.

  8. Hw does the refer link been apply I have lost enough people who I refer they don’t know hw to apply it.

  9. I am new here. I have been trying to make payment but each time I click on pay it will not open. Please I need your help

  10. I have a referral today making it 3 but could not see the referral under me. Also I’m making my comments but not being paid. What is wrong?

    1. If you register successfully and login with the same details your dashboard will always show up. Unless you didn’t complete registration or you didn’t login with correct details.

  11. I logged out of my account since two days ago. I have not been able to log in again… I have tried every means still couldn’t. Please, help…

    1. There’s no magic to login into your zinoly account than using the normal means which is :
      Click on the login Button, Enter your phone number, Request confirmation code via SMS/WhatsApp then login
      That’s all

  12. pls this is the third time i have withdraw on zinoly but every time i withdraw they only pay #3000 and i have more than that on my account …pls whats wrong…note each time i withdraw i always have one referral.

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