Youth power Review: How does works Review. :Have you heard or read about Youth Power scheme online? and you’re wandering with many questions like “How does youth Power works? How to make money from Youth power, Is youthpower legit or scam and many more. Well i just want to share the review with you which am very sure will teach you some FAQs you need to know about Youthpower lending Program.

From this Youth power review you will learn exactly how the system works and how you can earn money from it as claimed. so let’s further.

What is YouthPower.Ng ?

I can say youth power is an Income program because it entails money but not like other income programs which you already know such as, NNU, Wakanda, Newspay, Zinoly and others… Youthpower with the official domain name was registered or secured online few months ago with the aim to help Nigerians make money online, bring in financial freedom, and eleviate poverty with just 1,500 Naira start up capital. Youthpower review scam legit You power was launch specifically November 15th – 2018 and currently the business is still trending. below is how youth power works according to them.

How does Works

According to them there are just few steps to get started as shown below. Youthpower review scam legit You will have to register as a member, then activate you account (both email, Phone number and your access fee of 1,500naira to get fully activated) only then can you say your Youthpower registration is completed. After that you will receive 30,000 Naira which you can lend out to gain 50% returning weekly profit.

Youth Power Nigeria contact Details

Just in case you want to make further inquiries beside this review you can contact them using below support email. how does Youthpower works Well if you ask for Youth power phone number both for call and WhatsApp i will say they have non because non was listed in their official page. the only available means to reach them is via email which you can see from above screenshot.

How to make money from Youth power

  • You will register with 1,500naira and you will gain 30,000naira bonus which you can lend out and earn 50% weekly return.
  • You will earn Some points when you refer others which can be redeemed to cash.
These are the two available means to earn from this program according to the makers. This question goes this way : Is YouthPower legit? This is one big question everyone reading this post is waiting for an answer. see my review review

Youth power Review: Scam or Legit?

With the little research i have made so far before putting up this article, it makes it clear that this business is very new and even the people who may have joined aren’t putting effort in sharing it to others. This is because i have a very active fan of bloggers on my Facebook friend list and i do get to know about any newly launch program because they must always talk about it. But in the case of this Youthpower non is talking about it. I gat to know about it in a very tricky way other than usual. I even searched for reviews and yet i couldn’t find any reliable one. I made Facebook search with the name (Youth Power Nigeria and other related terms) yet there was no result. I personally asked some friends about them but they aren’t aware of the program. There are many payment proofs tho officially stated to believe the website is real. You will see them when you visit the Youthpower payment Proofs page but am still waiting for testimonials which i have see non. My review: The program can be real, And it might be fake or scam i can’t tell for now that’s because i couldn’t join to see exactly how it works for paid members. One reason i didn’t join this program is because the makers didn’t specify their aim properly Instead they are beating round the bush… They claim you will given 30k After signing up with 1,500naira which you can lend. Am still wandering who am going to lend the money in order to get my 50% or does the writing interpretation on the official page mean something else? There should be a clear FAQ page for such monetary programs Sincerely speaking, My main objective for writing this Youthpower review is to capture your attention because am really confused about this business model i still don’t understand. For now i can’t say they are scam neither can i say they are legit but i will recommend you still do some background checkup perhaps if you can get some active members to see what’s up. Untill then i won’t advice you join Youthpower despite the fact that the registration fee is affordable. I just wish the owned of the website can do a better Job by creating a FAQ page to explain the model of his/her business. Has anyone reading this page tested YOUTH POWER before as a premium member? What was your experience with them? kindly share with us please. i do love taking risk but my sprit didn’t go with this particular one. ]]>

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  1. now you have succeeded in leading me to s scam site called naijapay which until now all earned cash is stuck there without payment.
    I just don’t know if you even care about your readers or you just want to make money by well means with referral. this is very bad. you know naijapay was a scam and yet you trick visitors to register with your referral.
    since last year, I have referred dozens of friends and yet non of them have been approved in affiliate even after they all have upgraded by purchasing upgrade with 2k. now you are posting this called power youth. don’t you have confidence at all. don’t you verify stuffs before leading visitors.i went to believe you are not a scammer by partnering with all this scheme to scam your visitors. I just hope you are not linked to all this scam sites else I don’t mind going extra mile in wrecking your site with back linking to dirty site and use traffic bot to kill your site bandwidth on vps.
    I trusted your site but you just lost that trust with the way you handled naijapay and still referring visitors to the site even when you know they don’t pay.
    I wasted my money and sleepless night only for naijapay eat my sweat without doing anything.
    I am not even pained for my 2k. I am angry for leading friends who believed in me and they all got scammed.
    I will advice you to stop posting paid to earn site if you have not tried It first and see if they paid you up to 3 times using another name aside your name so the admin of the site will not know you are a blogger. it seems this sites only respect bloggers and yet you can’t do the right thing even when you know they are scam.
    I have plans for lots of this sites including yours if you keep posting shutting scan site and trucking visitors without you verifying by getting paid up to 3 times before posting.

  2. Youth power is a real scam..
    Because am a victim. Immediately I paid the 1500, I was given 30, 000 bonus which I can’t withdraw or transfer to my account. I was only told to get five refferral in other to be able to withdraw to my account
    On getting the five point. I click the cashout n it’s only gives me 1500 cashout. Which I can’t find the money in my account until now . They only unpair me since and they haven’t pair me with anyone for a week now
    It’s a real scam
    All I see is that people pay in. But they don’t pay people out. My candid advice to my fellow Nigerians is to stop paying to these scammers.

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