Top Tips to Get More Orders on Fiverr

I’ve been ordering on Fiverr since 2014 and have ordered over 100 gigs total, so I’ve definitely picked up a few tips and tricks along the way to help me get more orders without having to work harder at it! I’m going to share my top 10 tips with you in this article so you can use them to increase your own orders too! Each tip comes with links to relevant articles where you can learn more about how each tip works!

1) Research your niche

Research, research, research. It doesn’t matter how unique your service is if you can’t tell people about it—and that takes research. Study your niche by looking at competitors in search results and exploring their sites. Determine what sets you apart from other sellers and make sure potential customers know that difference.

2) Do everything from SEO to editing photos

Don’t be afraid to outsource tasks that aren’t core to your business. For example, if you know your website could stand some SEO work but you don’t know how or have time for it, hire someone who can get you on top of search results. If a photo needs editing but your skills are lacking, find someone who can do it well.

3) Take good photos

A quality picture can be more compelling than an enthralling description. Invest in a good camera, set it up in your workspace and use it often; you’ll likely be able to charge a premium for photos that show off your product or service well. But above all else, try shooting from multiple angles and lighting conditions so buyers can get a sense of what they’re buying.

4) Write great copy

All online customer orders start with a great description of your service. Consider your headline and subheadings as miniature sales pitches to potential customers. Don’t leave anything up for interpretation—be specific in what you offer, how it can help them, and why they should hire you. Don’t forget a compelling call-to-action at or near the bottom of your ad that encourages visitors to place an order right away!

5) Use keywords in your profile bio

Fiverr’s search engine only looks at keywords in your profile and your project descriptions, so it’s important that you use them. To find out what terms people are using when they look for services like yours, Google [your service] keywords or service keywords and then read through related articles. Use any popular terms in your profile. Add as many relevant words and phrases as possible to your title, description, and tags—the more, the better!

6) Use the right tags for your gigs

This may seem obvious, but make sure your tags are relevant and appropriate. It’s very frustrating for buyers when they search for a specific tag and aren’t able to find what they need. Be sure you have at least one relevant tag for each gig you list. For example, if you’re selling a logo design service, include logo design as one of your tags so that people looking specifically for logos will see your gigs when they search.

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