9 Crazy Skills That Will Forever Destroy Writer’s Block as a Blogger

How to avoid writer's block forever

Did you also become worried about how you can even cope with this blogging of a thing.
You know it’s an ultimate private pain we can’t tell people about. But only just fellow bloggers feeling similar pain.
Many times you’d look at the screen, to see nothing but one kind silly cursor blinking like a traffictor. You know, sometimes, these cursors can be far way useless trafficating our senses to no car direction but rather to an express road of blank inconclusive page of white screen. Isn’t that rude? Hell yea! We have no option with these silly cursors.
Oh! You might even regretted that very day you decided to get a hosting and domain name at all cost. Now no posts to update with. What the fuck!
You and I can’t do without blogging. We’re very passionate about blogging. But now, you just can’t doubt quitting. Because of incessant delete of flows, ideas and awesome posts.
Or, did you also plan to sell off your blog? Just kind of shut to face these writers block, even when that passion, zeal and enthusiasm are there.
You know the funniest part of everything? Many look at you and me as one kind of millionaires who gather 100s of dollars for them viewing our blog once, even when Google hasn’t yet approved our application. Hmm! They can’t understand what we face!
Let me tell you a mad joke. I was promoting a content on a dedicated Whatsapp group in the early 2019 when a silly dude quoted me “you want to use us to make money abi?” imagine!
Before I mistakenly digress, you will never experience any block if you follow these crazy solutions I use. See. Eh! As you see me now, I can never experience writers block again. Never!
After years of freelancing and strict learning of content marketing, I have seen ultimate remedies to this God forsaken myth called writer’s block. Yes. I call it myth. Question me why in the comments section of you want us to start why.
Let me paraphrase why a bit. See. A writers block is a result of poor planning of a blog. In other words it’s a moment which novices(which I know you’re not) who is new to blogging aiways have.
So, if I say you experience writers block, I won’t call you a novice. Because you’re still my boss.
You met me in blogsng and I will always still want to learn from you because I learn everyday. And also because we’re friends, so I won’t say you’re a novice. Certainly, you’re not… But writer’s block is experienced by them novices, you’ll see why below.
Bro. Before I push out the first crazy meal to fill the writing hunger, you may get a coffee, tea or a chair and read, or maybe slim (as you like). I like to take coffee mixed with tea.

Spy on The Experts’ Blog in Your Niche

You know them. They would always have new amazing things to say. Yea . It’s great to be jealous at times. It gingers the swag.
I tell you, apart from the fact that it solves when it seems you’re short of idea, your blog rank fast because these people don’t just post anyhow.
Kindly go through their headlines and choose from there. Then write a fantastic copywrite of yours.

Ask Your Readers Some Questions 

By now, if you’ve not been collecting e-mails it might be a terrible idea. You need to find a way to approach one of your web visitors. If possible, call them. Inquire the area where they are facing problems. You will get tens of new blog topic ideas by this.
Now comes the area of niche issue. You need to be careful to concentrate on a niche. Nevertheless, if you know your blog niche is a bit broad, you can still apply this technique.
What I mean in essence is, you’ll get tons of ideas to write on if you collate the reports you receive from your fans.
You will never be short if what to write by that, if you maintain a one on-one-contact.
You might even run a survey asking questions in common areas of their problems you wanna help solve.

Get into Your Reader’s Head 

You wouldn’t be able to flow if you don’t put yourself in the reader’s shoe. Assume you’re like that strange visitor serious about paying for any thing just to get some solutions solved.
Speak out what their mouth would be talking of. Then come back to live. I promise you will write like a pro answering the recurring questions you would be asking if you were the visitor.
Write the amazing things you would like seeing in other blogs you visit and you’ll bleed out thousands of words.

Chance Yourself that Fearful Shitty/Rubbish Draft

No one will shut you up. Write the fluffs and trooks. Just write them as they come. Do not pause. Never quit. Just write abs write. Keep the conversation going on between you and the imaginary fan.
Let your pen boom out the spray of self originality and you’ll see how comments would flood your page after publishing. That’s apart from the fact it’s a guide against writer’s block.

Steal Other Competitors Ideas

An expert once said “writers are the best thieves” One of the worst ways you can purnish yourself as a writer is to believe everything you do has to be original.
Yes, it’s possible, but your work rate will be lousy, and the continuous pressure will give you a nervous breakdown.  It’s far, far better to steal. No, you shouldn’t violate copyrights or willfully claim someone else’s work as your own.
But the writers who make it in this business – and yes, writing is a business – watch what’s working for everyone else and then creatively adapt it for their own purposes.
It’s not because they’re lazy. It’s because they’re busy. If you write for any serious purpose, you learn very quickly that you can’t afford to spend months or years dreaming up a daring new approach for everything you write. No one has that kind of discipline.
Austin Kleo said “all creative works build from what came before

Visit a Bookstore 

Bookstores have virtually any niche you might blog about. Visit the nearby ones whenever you are stuck of blog post ideas and see how the juice flows. Don’t forget to take along your ipad or note.

Tidy up Your Room

Our brain flows the juice from a scientifically organ called neurosis. If your environment where you currently say you feel writer’s block is unkempt, do some tidy up. Drink some water and see the magic.

Write From Your Unconsciousness 

Thinking before writing is the major cause of writer’s block. You were probably thinking before you write. It’s unprofessional.
Rather write what comes to your heart flow freely the thoughts that fly in and out. Breathe in and be joyful to receive the next thoughts. Write fast, never stop…
The only problem is starting. To start, remember the joy in writing. Then, release your tense to start writing what comes to your mind first, you’ll just fill out the nooks and crannies of introduction after a 5 minutes of start. As time creeps, you’ll fill out 2000 words before 3 hours.

Come on! It’s not Compulsory You Type on That System 

I mostly use my phone’s  Evernote app. In fact, that’s what I currently type with. I don’t uses my system let alone of that WordPress Dashboard. I’ll do just copy and paste on the dashboard and optimize.


There’s really joy in writing if only you can decide to find that joy. These options are sufficient for you to take action with and you will not regret it.

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