SponsoredCash Review: How does sponsored Cash works

sponsoredcash review to create awareness about the newly launched online business so you can know how it works and also if it’s legit or scam.

Just as usual, i was surfing internet when i came in contact with the SponsoredCash income program and i needed to access it perhaps to join fully as a participant or skip it when not worth it and then write about it here in which ever state i found it. Like i have said, i found a new site so am here to create awareness about it so you can know wither to join or not . Am sure you already have idea of what we do here “Writing reviews on various income programs” Sharing money making ideas, Warning against fake income programs, Sharing our views and experience about all we have tried either with success or failure. Let’s get started with our sponsoredcash review from the creation date and about Note:

Introduction to sponsored Cash Income program

The Domain name SponsoredCash.com was registered 10-12-2018 by the name (Namdy) according to whois Record Automatically, it’s a very new website if not the most recently launched income program as at the time of writing this post.

According to SponsoredKash about us Note:

SPONSOREDCASH is a company that gives everyone the opportunity to earn without limits and stress. We have designed and created a platform whereby People can earn unlimitedly by just being on social media or by just having friends. In the world today jobs are insufficient, salaries are delayed and sometimes reduced meanwhile our expenses are increasing, market prices and bills are going higher. To solve this problem we have created SPONSOREDCASH, a platform that will elevate the financial position of her members by paying them for doing simple things like referring people posting and sharing links on social media. Yes ! With SPONSOREDCASH, making money is now easier and faster. Try it and you will be convinced!

How sponsoredCash income program Works

Below is how sponsored Cash income program works from registration to withdrawal process.
  • STEP 1. REGISTRATION Register and create an account with your correct details
  • STEP 2. ACTIVATION To be become an active member you will be required to make a one time payment of two thousand naira (2,000 naira) to the company account.
  • STEP 3. CONFIRMATION Shortly after payment your payment will be confirmed and your account will be activated.
    1. You Earn 1,000 Naira Daily For Posting Sponsored Adverts On Social Media
    2. You Earn 1,000 Naira For Referring (Not Compulsory)
    3. You Earn 1,000 Naira For Membership Bonus Monthly.
    *Note: Any Money You Earn Will Be Paid Instantly Into Your Bank Account.

Is SponsoredCash Legit or Scam?

Like i always say, We all do business to favour our clients and ourselves. When any online business is made to favour only business owners without minding the clients then we say it’s a scam and when an online business portrays itself to favour just clients without favoring the business owners then we also suspect it’s scam because no one will spend and insvest in a business that don’t pay. Further more, i also said “Any online business promising more than they can afford is likely to be scam and that’s when i warned against awooof online business when i wrote an article about cashawoof review here. From the above SponsoredCash review, it shows there are three major ways to earn from the program.
  1. You Earn 1,000 Naira Daily For Posting Sponsored Adverts On Social Media
  2. You Earn 1,000 Naira For Referring (Not Compulsory)
  3. You Earn 1,000 Naira For Membership Bonus Monthly.
Automatically the income program is all about sharing sponsored post and referring others. and to those who can’t refer it means it’s all about sharing since they said referral aren’t compulsory. Now let me show you my own opinion: If you register with 2000Naira and in 7days you shared 7posts then earn 7,000 naira where will the money used in paying you come from since referral isn’t compulsory? Even if referral is compulsory do you think the business is still balance to favour both business owner and clients? (remember you aren’t the only one to be paid.) If 1000 Members join the program with 2000Naira each it means admin have 1,000 each from them( When they share posts for two days it means from the third day admin is already running at loss because they have gotten back their money already the rest will be coming from admin pus) Even charity organizations can’t afford that. Now at the end of every month, they will be giving you 1,000 Naira where will that come from! ? don’t tell me you don’t reason things on your own (don’t get drowned by awoof offers) When will payment be made? It wasn’t stated. How much is the minimum withdraw? it wasn’t stated (think twice one thing is to join and another thing is to get paid). Meanwhile, it’s also warned that any business which requires you to pay directly to someones account can be very risky among which SponsoredCash is one. There’s no automatic account activation instead you pay to their bank account and they activate your account (hope that sounds good to you) This business falls in the category of “Any business which tends to favour clients without favoring the business owners are likely to be scam because every business is setup with the sole aim of making profit.” From the above write up, SponsoredCash aren’t making profit instead they are just giving out money to their members (i can’t recall seeing the site was registered by Bill Gate instead it was Nandy) So what’s my say about SponsoredCash.? I haven’t seen any SponsoredCash payment proof and i don’t expect to see any because am sure they aren’t gonna pay anyone. What i can tell you is stay clear from SponsoredCash they have nothing good to offer. This is another scam business setup by some groups of Internet touts to reap Nigerians hard earned money. But if you think my opinion don’t have solid proofs to call SponsoredCash scam you can give I a try and come back with your testimony am sure it will be our first scam proof.

My recommendations

If you’re looking forward to join income program that pays, you can check out Zinoly income program or NewsPay income program they are highly recommendable. If you find the above post helpful kindly share and tweet this page below and remember to subscribe for more updates. ]]>

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  1. Your review is nonsense. I was thinking you were scammed or you know someone that was scammed. So you have no legit proof of how they are scammers… You’re a fool I swear

  2. “every business is setup with the sole aim of making profit” sponsored cash ain’t so its scam…
    Funny enough someone sent me thier alert #fake alert scam everywhere tnx bro

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