4 SEO responsive Cool free WordPress themes which am currently using

cool WordPress theme that best match your niche or web style.

There are many free Responsive WordPress themes online which you can use for any type of website such as entertainment, Tech, Howto, Health, Mmo etc. and you will find these themes for easy download using google search or visiting WordPress.org. So also we have so many premium themes which you can purchase with the license. As a beginner, You may want to start with low capital especially when you have little or nothing to spend and as such you may not be able to afford to cost of buying the premium themes. As a matter of fact, a free theme can be customized to be better than premium theme (technicality is required ). If you’re looking for a cool WordPress theme that you can use for your blog then i have four suggestions for you. Like i said earlier, there are many free themes but am only recommending these four themes because i have used them and am still using them. You may also need them for the beauty of your blog. Am a big fan of Free stuffs and i love using free things online. sometimes free things can be better than the paid ones. Beside that, am not the rich type who can afford to buy everything, I just have to manage the little i have running my things smoothly even with free stuffs. am sure you’re also like me and that’s why you’ve visited this page. so let’s roll
NOTE: As at the time of writing this post, All the Demo sites are still using the named themes (they may later change to other themes so don’t be surprised at this instant)

Top4 Cool WordPress Themes for Free download

Below are the four WordPress themes i have used and i can recommend them to any blogger irrespective of your blogging niche. They are all free themes.
  • Talon Free WordPress theme

This theme is really Awesome and i learnt about it when i was searching for a good one page WordPress theme to run a business blog. i love the theme as it’s very clean, easy to customize and easy to navigate. Apart from using it to run one page Sites, The blog section is really cool and you can use it for any type of blog e.g Tech, Entertainment etc and you can add beautiful Featured images which will be resized automatically to fit your site. The Sidebar is also arranged well both for mobile and PC users. You can check out the Talon WordPress theme Here
  • Revenue Free WordPress theme

Before changing this site theme, many fans are like “Bross what’s the name of the theme you’re using, and i do tell them am using Revenue WordPress theme” They will ask “How much is the theme?” that’s because they never knew such a cool theme can be free. I just send them download link. they are always amazed getting such theme for free. The revenue theme is very mobile and PC friendly with clean right sidebar where you can place adverts, Related posts, Featured posts, And other widgets. One good thing about the theme is simplicity and apart from that, it’s SEO friendly theme which you can use on any WordPress blog (niche) The revenue WordPress theme also show thumbnail/featured images on homepage posts. Check Out the Revenue theme here
  • Ignite Free WordPress Theme

Yet another Cool WordPress theme. I changed my Blog theme from Revenue to Ignite not because revenue isn’t good. I was just tired of the old design. Even the Ignite am using now is great and i can’t tell which is best between ignite and revenue WordPress theme. Within Few weeks of uploading the new theme, many of my followers has been commenting and thinking it’s a premium theme. i will always share with theme the theme source since they love it. As at the time of writing this post, Blogsng.com is using Ignite free WordPress theme and hope it’s cool?. I have no plan of changing my theme now because this one is really cool. Maybe i will find some better themes tomorrow but for now an still rocking Ignite. You can check it out here The theme is beautiful especially when you use featured images on your homepage posts. And it have clean sidebar with Good Blockquote alignment.
  • Sydney Free WordPress theme

This is another Cool WordPress theme you can use for your blog or even for one page sites. I got this theme when i was searching for one page WordPress theme and this same theme is what am currently using on my blog PayaplNigeria.Com. I love the theme colors and alignments with cool sidebar. The theme is also easy to customize. Since the day i launch my blog PayPal Nigeria, lots of followers has been asking the name of my theme so, i have decided to share with you today. Am using Sydney WordPress theme and it’s free. You can Check out here The theme also show featured images on homepage posts.

BONUS: GeneratePress WordPress Theme:

I won’t mention the themes i love without naming Generate press. though i have not used it before but from the demo and friends who are currently using the theme, it’s also recommendable. When i view websites using Generate press WordPress themes, it makes me feel sometimes like changing my current theme. sincerely the theme is very cool and mobile friendly. You can also check out here. Download and install the theme. You can use featured images in your homages posts.

Wrap Up: Best Cool WordPress themes for free download

Did you find the above themes useful? kindly share and tweet this page below. If you find it hard to customize any of the themes to look exactly like mine, you can connect me and i will help you customize it just like i did to mine with a little charge. All of the above themes are available on your WordPress theme page so you may decide not to download them instead just login your WordPress dashboard, Click on appearance=> select themes=> Add new theme=> Then search the theme name and install it. that’s the easy way to go about installing any of the above themes instead of downloading and uploading. Don’t forget to subscribe for more updates. ]]>

8 thoughts on “4 SEO responsive Cool free WordPress themes which am currently using

  1. I prefer the revenue theme. But please I need ur help… My WordPress blog is one month old now and google hasn’t index my blog post and pages yet.
    I av done all the necessary, av submitted my site on google search console, bing, and even yandex. Av also submitted my site map to all the above
    Ion know what’s wrong…

    1. Search with site:Yourdomainname
      If you google that you will know if your pages are indexed or not. Try that to find out and if non of your pages showed up then you can reach back to me using the contact details.

    1. To remove your WordPress footer via revenue theme. Simply login your site admin dashboard, Click on Appearance, Select editors , Then Footer.php you can them remove the line code that make up the footer credit

  2. Hi thanks for sharing the list but as for me I use a free cool magazine theme for entertainment blog which is zox theme.
    I’d appreciate your list and will give em a try on my other blog

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