Cheetapay: A reliable Online Recharge card payment gateway in Nigeria for bloggers

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  • In Nigeria today, not everyone knows how to use their master cards in making payment online . In some cases, most Cards are even rejected from making payment online, and as a result it makes online payment very difficult to some newbies who may not know any other alternative.. Setting up other online payment gateways could be very difficult as you may be required to pay some huge set up onetime fees. In most cases, If your targeted audience are Nigerians and you use other payment methods such as Btc , Paypal , Your blog readers who don’t have btc or PayPal accounts may find it hard making payment or donating to your website/blog. Some years ago. We learnt that Zoranga can help you fund your Nigerian bank account through recharge cards but after some while, their charges became unbearable so we have to give them little space because of their hard services. Late last year, Another online recharge card payment gateway emerge as a competitor to zoranga and as the best means through which you can save money online in form of recharge cards and get paid directly to your bank account in Naira.

    CheetaPay (Recharge Card Payment Gateway)

    CheetaPay is an online platform through which You can save money online in form of recharge card and get your payment in Naira directly to your local bank account. With CheetaPay, You can fund your wallet with Me2u transfer or with recharge card pin of any Network in Nigerian. Each Fund or deposit you make on CheetaPay, they will deduct just the token of 20% while you have 80% to yourself. The 20% is the gain for helping you make your transactions and helping you save your money online via recharge cards. When ever you request your payout, you get your money transfered to your bank account which you will fill in during your sign up completion.

    CheetaPay recharge card payment gateway and Nigerian Bloggers

    With CheetaPay online recharge card payment gateway, Bloggers can received donations and also get paid with recharge card pins of all networks. Personally, i use this same recharge card payment gateway in selling themes and templates plus Ebooks to Nigerians since they will find it very easy to make recharge card payment rather than other payment methods. What do you want to sell, If you are Targeting Nigerians as your marketable audience then CheetaPay can be of great help to your business, making you received payments from your clients in form of recharge cards and sending them to your bank account in real cash. There are two Ways through which you can do this:
    • Through the help of the CheetaPay WordPress Plugin
    • Or through the help of your generated CheetaPay payment page.

    CheetaPay WordPress Plugin:

    This Plugin works with woocommerce. Before you start using this plugin, You must first of all Install the woocommerce plugin after that you can then install the CheetaPay plugin and Activate your woocommerce payment settings to be using CheetaPay. This may require some technical Skills , Such as skills for creating online stores. If you are good in creating online stores am sure you can easily set this plugin for work.

    √Cheetapay generated Payment Gateway:

    This is what i personally use in receiving Donations especially when i was using Blogspot Blogging platform where you cannot possibly make use of plugins CheetaPay will help you build your own personal payment page where your readers and audience can just click and make payment or donations with ease. Any payment you receive via this page will be accumulated in your CheetaPay account. Below Is example of my CheetaPay generated Payment Page. BlogsNg CheetaPay Payment Page cheetapay Any payment made through the above payment link will be deposited in my Cheetapay account where i can withdraw at will.

    How To set up CheetaPay Recharge Card payment Page:(Bloggers)

    To set up this page and get your own unique payment link to accept recharge card payment and donations from your blog, (any blogging platform). It will Cost you just #2000 (two Thousand Naira) This is one time setup fee. After that you can create as many payment pages as possible under your Logins. To set up this payment page, Kindly Contact CheetaPay support center.

    Cheetapay Contact Details:

    • Address: No 5 Oloworo Street, Festac, Lagos state.
    • Phone: +2348034715310
    • Email:
    But if you want it fast from me , i can help you set up your page in less than 2hrs. and you will start receiving payment and donations from your blog/websites. Am also an official at ( CheetaPay) I was appointed an affiliate partner. So i can help you while i get 500Naira commissione to my account. If you don’t want to use me, probably because you don’t want me to earn any commission just because your unfriendly act, You can go ahead and get your link directly from the support center above.

    Kennedy Prosper Contact Details

    You Can reach me Or you can use the WhatsApp details above the page IF You are interested in Using me , You can contact me otherwise contact CheetaPay support desk.

    How To Join Cheetapay As ordinary User

    If you aren’t a blogger who wants to use cheetapay as your online recharge card payment gateway. You can join them to start saving online in form of recharge cards. To join Cheetapay, Simply visit their registration page Fill in the required for such as Your first and Last name, Your phone number and email address, your username and Password then you can register with just one click. After registration, You can visit their sign in page to login using your username and your password and start enjoying their offers. Cheetapay Dashboard From Your Cheetapay Dashboard, Complete your profile and payment settings by adding your bank account through which you will receive your payout when needed. If You find This article helpful, Kindly Comment below, and also don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter below. Share this article with your friends and relatives who may also want to know how to receive payment and donations online via recharge card payment gateway in Nigeria. ]]>

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