Best 2019 Read news and earn money apps

read news and earn websites in Nigeria among which we have listed many of them on this blog, But some folks who search for read news and earn money apps are only looking for a more handy way.

There are many read news and earn money apps online but they are likely international apps where you can redeem your earning with other payment methods and not naira. However you can still make good money with them when your earning is converted to naira currency perhaps with Paypal, Payoneer, Giftcards or which ever way you redeemed your points. Reading news on an android phone just became more interesting because apart from being informed you are earning for it. So tell me, isn’t that interesting? So today I’ll introduce to you some Best read news and earn money apps you can use in reading news and making money online in Nigeria and worldwide using your android mobile phone.

Best read news and earn money apps for Android Users

All of the below read news and earn money apps are enabled for all android version both low or high. In that case, you can earn with them irrespective of your android version.
  • Slidejoy:read news and earn money app

    Slidejoy is an android lock screen app that enables you earn money by just unlocking your your phone. Yes! they pay for just unlocking your phone. I know you are already asking yourself how an app will just pay you for unlocking your phone? just for unlocking your phone? ahn ahn how do they even get their revenue sef? Calm down, calm down with the questions, I’ll answer all. First, let’s start with where can I download Slidejoy app? You can download the app from Google play by following this link Here Then, the next question is after downloading what next? After downloading the app, the next thing you do is to register and set up your profile. The app has made available for faster registration through Facebook and Email. So if you have a Facebook account or an Email account, I’ll advice you use one of both to ensure faster registration and setting up of your profile. While setting up your profile, you’ll be asked which of the two modes you want to use. If you choose normal mode, then you will keep all your earnings to yourself. If you choose hero mode, then your earnings will be donated to different charities. So, after registration what next? After registration, you start earning. Start earning? but how? Remember I told you that Slidejoy is an android lock screen app that enables you earn money by just unlocking your your phone. So after a successful registration, the app automatically becomes your lock screen. Then the app would from time to time send ads and news to your lock screen. That is, news and ads would be popping up on your lock screen. If you want to unlock the phone, you have to swipe to the right. If you want to read the ads/news, then, swipe to the left. If you like to view another ads/news, you swipe upwards. You can deduce from this that the advertisers pay the app owner to advertise their products for them. This is a proof that the apps would pay if you doubting. Note that their are other ways to earn from using the app, like affiliate link, games, scratch and lots more So how do they pay? Slidejoy deal with their own currency, know as ‘Carats’. And you get 20 carats bonus for just sign up. Then you should know that 1000 carats equals 1 USD. The minimum withdrawal is 5 USD, but you can make your first withdrawal after 3 months of using the app. You can redeem your carats for gifts cards or cash transfer through PayPal. Note that, the app pays on the 15th of every month after the first withdrawal. Download App Here
  • Appnana And Featurepoint:read news and earn money app

    Appnana and featurepoint is yet another Android app that you can use to earn money. Please, you should note that Appnana and Featurepoint are different apps from different companies but perform very similar functions, that’s why I decided to talk about them together in my list of read news and earn money apps So how can you earn on using Appnana and Featurepoint? You earn on Appnana and Featurepoint from clicking their ads/news, playing games on the app and exploring new apps by downloading them. Okay, lemme explain better. These apps pays you when you download apps. So when you register you’ll see a long list of apps to download with their earning power and what they require you to do in order to earn. As some requires you to just download, other requires you to perform a task or reach a stage of a game and once completed, you’ll be credited. You should note that the longer and tougher the task the more your earnings. Both apps also give you an opportunity to earn through referrals.Amazingly, both apps has so many rewards options like Amazon, iTunes, XBox, Playstation, Nintendo, Facebook, Game specific gift cards, PayPal payments and many others. Download App Here and Here

    Adfun:Read news and earn money app

    The name of this app is the perfect description of it. I look at the name from two angles which I’ll explain as we progress. This apps allows you to earn while you click and read ads/news, and also win prizes while you play games with friends (basically by bidding money or ticket). Most times you don’t need to know these friends in person, as you play fun game with strangers as team mates and eventually create a bond and friendship with them. Where a team member wins a gift, the whole team wins it. The app I most confess is such fun from every angle be it the ads reading or the game playing. They really Add-fun to playing games and at the same time make reading Ads-fun. You can Download Adfun app here

Wrapping Up: Top 2019 Read news and earn money apps

This list of read news and earn money apps can help you make money online anywhere in the world including Nigeria as they are among the top earning apps of 2019 Have you tried any of the above or other apps which pays for reading news with your Android phone? What’s your review? tell us in the comment section. Before you exit this page for other articles kindly subscribe for more updates on how to make money online and how to grow a successful blog that makes money. Remember to share and tweet this post as well. ]]>

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