Payoneer account locked for 30 munites- Solution

Payoneer account locked for 30munites. which is the mostly used term when trying to access your Payoneer account That’s not even the main issue here. The worse is that even after the locked time and duration, When you try login again you will still get the same error message Payoneer account locked for 30munites try again later or rest your password payoneer Login error The first time this happened to me is a day I can never forget in my who life. that was when I was trying to link my Payoneer to USA PayPal account. I was so so annoyed because I could not get access the account to get my USA Payoneer virtual bank to complete the PayPal setup. I waited the whole day trying and trying all day long. I even changed my Password more than 10times and yet nothing happened. It was like hell.

Payoneer account locked for 30munites Error

After Trying many times without solution, i decided to download the Payoneer app perhaps if I could get the details from there which I did. As soon as I logged in from my Payoneer app it went through without even single error message and no double trial. I was like what could be wrong with my Payoneer account. payoneer access Denied This is my first time of using Payoneer app and unfortunately I couldn’t find the Global payment option through the app automatically there’s no way I could get what’s needed without login in via browser.

Payoneer Login Error Solution

Here’s how I was able to solve this Payoneer login error issue. Download and login the Payoneer app as explained above, Then click on Actions from the bottom menu and a page will show up with four different options.
  • Make a payment
  • Withdraw
  • Request a payment
  • Manage currencies
When you click on any of the above options , it will redirect you to login from your browser with another Unique Url (Payoneer link). If you login your account through any of these links, it will go through without showing you any error message but if you go back to your Payoneer to login normal it might keep showing as usual. That was how I learned a new thing and a solution to many queries. As soon as I found out the solution, I only copied the URL of one of those four pages and bookmarked it. so whenever i want to access my Payoneer i just go through the link instead of using normal Payoneer login link. Below are the links. You can also copy any of them to your browser and use it to login your Payoneer without error. Any of the above links you use will take you to the Payoneer login page. Just login with the same normal details and it will go through. Am very sure the above method will work for you because i have used it to solve many of the same issues even before writing it here. However if you have the same issue even after trying to login using the above app links, you can try the second alternative.

Payoneer Login Locked and solution2

I also noticed that when accessed via opera mini browser, it goes through without issues. I tried it severally but i don’t fancy that because opera isn’t a good browser for accessing Payoneer. Some pages may not even load as expected. Download Opera Mini Browser And login your Payoneer account through it that will also work but not as reliable as the first method because of unable to load pages since opera isn’t a compatible browser. unlike chrome, Firefox, Puffin etc. Hope the above post worked for you? Why not share and tweet with others who are still facing the Payoneer account locked issues. Remember to subscribe and comment below. ]]>

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