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mineNaira Review, a friend, a fan and a follower message me personally on email to help review another site which is so in this article, i have decided to officially share Payfund review for the benefits of others online and to the help of my blog readers as well by answering the question if Payfund is scam or legit.

You may have come across Payfund before now, You may have even invested but don’t really know what’s Payfund or understand how it works. in this Payfund review i will be showing you somethings you need to consider about this website perhaps they will give you some good reasons to join or not. Like i always say: Don’t let the quest to make money online take away your senses instead do lot’s of finding and researchs before you invest your time, money and effort on any website lest you will end up becoming a looser and a victim of scam. It’s been a while i have run online matters but the rate at which scam emerge is gradually increasing every blessed day that’s why you need to be extra careful in any online scheme you join as there are internet fraudsters all over the NET but thank God for BlogsNg which has been a watchdog to fish them out and to unveil the truth behind them. Let’s not talk much stories here instead let me take you to the topic of today ‘Payfund Review’ but before then let’s start by understanding how the website work.

How does Payfund Works?

Let me use their own voice and tone of intro, according to how they introduced themselves. so read below.
After carefully studying and researching various peer-to-peer schemes, a team of well-meaning individuals birthed PAYFUND: The Peer-To-Peer game changer! Yes quote us anywhere, we have come to put an end to your losses. We are here to stay!!! Get 200% of your donation in less than 1 hour.You don’t need to Refer anybody. is a peer-to-peer donation platform for members to help other members in a systematic way. Using this platform, members can give and receive donations from each other. It is open to everyone. IT IS ADVICEABLE TO RECYCLE YOUR ACCOUNT IN OTHER TO BALANCE THE SYSTEM AND TO KEEP THE SYSTEM GOING.. Payfund At our primary goal is to ensure your investment yields great income over a short period of time; and also we are dedicated to providing you the best service and support. So choose a plan to get started; donate, relax and wait for PAYMENT. AVAILABLE PACKAGES 10k to get 20k, 20k to get 40k, HOW TO JOIN 1. Ensure you have mobile banking cause you are only given 1 hour to pay your sponsor 2. Sign-up @ 3. Pay ur sponsor 4. Sit back,relax and watch your account….
According to them, Payfund is a peer to peer Donation which gives you 20k in less than 1hr when you invest 10k and 40k in less than 1hr when you invest 20k. Did you know that this is even as worse as MMM the only scheme that scam halve of Nigerians and finally crashed? Let me continue because am not drawing my conclusion here i still have something to show you.

Who is the owner of PayFund

During my research i found out that the website was registered about 4months ago and the whois Guard is protected which means the registrar is anonymous as his Identity was hidden.(he or she have reasons for this) So now we can say the website owner have no identity: (is that a good sign?) You can answer that yourself while we continue. According to the website: The address is in Dubai. Ooops but am sure the owner is in Lagos or Warri or somewhere in Nigeria here. Another sign you need to consider: The website isn’t found on any social media, Not on Facebook, not on twitter, Google+ ,not found on YouTube etc… (Hope that’s a good sign?) You have to judge from your end

Payfund Review: My background Checkup

immediately i visited the website i needed to register perhaps to complete my findings and to my greatest surprise after registration there’s no confirmation email. i was surprised for the first time to register on any income scheme without confirmation email not even in my spam folder (I immediately got some impression they are …….) make your judgement am still coming closer to mine. The website official email is which is a custom domain name gotten from Automatically the same owner of PayFund owns morNaira(which am sure is currently down having accomplished their mission) Now when i tried to do some findings about MorNaira since it comes from the same source i discovered that the same owner of morNaira which is the same of PayFund also owns a fake site which is no longer available now So he owns MorNaira and TimeYse which are scam sites of the same nature and now do you think Payfund will be legit? (i don’t have an answer here) You can do that at your end am still coming to mine. It doesn’t end there: I went further to do thorough research about this site Payfund and i found out that the same owner is presently managing other sites with the same design and features. It wasn’t like a dream because i have seen many of such . Check below sites among which one is currently functional
  • On futher research , i was able to find out about three more expire or closed websites that was previously managed by the same group on this same peer to peer donation stuff. What else did you need as a proof ?
    Mind you; Very soon they will close those above websites to open others just as usual.

    Is Payfund Scam or legit?- Payfund Review

    You already know the answer yourself but let me give you my opinion. Don’t dare register and invest on that site otherwise that will be the end of your money. Payfund and likes are all fraud websites created by the same group of criminals to reap of peoples money. The enticing offer of getting 10k Commissione in 1hr might have made many to join but if you haven’t join yet be glad you’re save. However, to those who have invested already don’t expect any return. Am very sure this is a usual trait of the group. They have this script mainly for scamming. all they do is close down the website when due and open another one by just installing the same script (simple) and they are set to scam other group of persons who are too curious to get rich online. There’s nothing we can do to stop this group instead we only have to be careful. Doing detailed research on any program before investment. As the prophetic Blogger, i will always reveal the little i can do but be careful online is all i can say else you will keep losing your money to some touts out there and while they grow fat with your money you gain nothing but wasted effort. There are still many of them online with different formats. I think i should end my write-ups here pending when an update comes in .Before you exit this page please do me a favour by using the share buttons bellow. Share this post and save a brother or sister. Don’t forget to subscribe with your email to get more updates from us. ]]>

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