NaijaPay registration Guide with Screenshots

Naijapay Income program review where i stated how the program works and how to make money from it but ever since then i have been getting some requests to write about the Naijapay registration guide which am here to do today. In this short article, i will be showing you the step by step guide on how to register on Naijapay income program as a premium member.

Naijapay Registration Guides with Screenshots

Follow below Naijapay Registration guide to get your account created with ease. Visit the Naijapay website and Select the Naijapay Registration link and fill in the form correctly as per your details. After filling the whole forms correctly click on Register button and immediately your account is created. You can now login to your account. When you login Naijapay pay account successfully you will see below options to activate your account. Click on Pay online and you will be taken to the next page: as shown below. Click on the Select Option and a new page will open. See below shot. You will see this at the bottom of the page when you scroll down Select the Check out with Paystack Button and the payment page will show up There are various means through which you can make your payment here but since we wanna pay with ATM card, you will just have to select the Pay with Card option The next page will prompt you to fill in your card details Just fill in your Cars details correctly and complete your payment: As soon as your payment is done and successful your account will be activated immediately. Now you can start Rocking. Below are the available means to make money from Naijapay income program.
  • Daily login NGN ₦ 100
  • Sharing of Sponsored Posts ₦ 250
  • Well constructed comment ₦10
  • Reply to Approved comment NGN 2
  • Daily news reading NGN5
  • Per Pay Click₦3
  • Direct Referral ₦1000
  • Indirect Referral ₦300
  • Sign Up Fee Ngn2000

naijapay Payment Proof

Though i shared one payment proof in my recent article about Naija Pay income program which wasn’t mine and i promised to get you updated when i get my first payment from Naijapay. Here’s the payment proof below naijapay income program

Wrapping Up: Naijapay Registration Link and Guide

With the above Naijapay Registration guide you have learnt with screenshots how to successfully register and join Naijapay income program. But if it happens that you wish to register and you don’t have ATM card suitable for online transactions, you can contact me and i will help you activate your account while you make equivalent transfer back to me. Did you find the above article on Naijapay Registration guide helpful? Kindly share and comment below. remember to subscribe for more updates before you exit this page. ]]>

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  1. I just hope you will not lead someone to scam site. Most of this income program are now turning into ponzi scheme is disguise.
    Lots of them are springing up without proper business name and they even hide their domain registration details.
    With the way you promote all these schemes I hope you won’t lose your integrity by loyal blog readers. Try to cash out first before sharing. That is what others do before they start promoting such platform.

    1. Thanks for commenting: For every income scheme i write about here there’s non which can be labelled scam. I have my own logistics of detecting fake sites even at first sight and that’s what i use even without having to do further investigation otherwise when needed.
      Fake sites are easy to know (to me ) I don’t write positively about fake sites and when they eventually turn scam i immediately place a notice not to join.

  2. don’t know if this guys are for real because I have not gotten any of my referral approves yet for weeks now.
    I have also made withdrawal today but not yet received any alert. You said you have gotten paid water making withdrawal but how come you got paid 8k even after they said maximum to withdraw is 3k . Hope they are not trying to favour some people to get their trust while they scam others who are not bloggers that can write a post about them

    1. They said minimum Withdrawal is 5,000 Naira am not sure where you got your information of 3k from or have they made changes?
      That minimum withdrawal is 5k does not mean you can only withdraw 5k it only means you can’t withdraw less than 5k

  3. I don’t know if you visited their website to make withdrawal else you would have seen the 3k limit there under the withdrawal form. Also it is stated at the top of the website as a floating bar where they said 3k withdrawal limit.
    Like I had said, I just hope that this guys are only favoring bloggers who they know can make post about them when they fail to pay them while non bloggers will be made to be subjected to their terms which is not same for those who are bloggers and have access to contact them.
    Until now I have not received the 3k I withdraw and non of my referral has been approved yet.

  4. They have all paid because I was even the one who paid for them all online. But all is still unverified in the referral section. So what is the essence of paying for them when it will not be done automatically .
    Their upgrade is done and they are using it but the issue is still unverified status.
    Speaking of the withdrawal, I am still yet to get it.

  5. i really don’t know the problem admin of the site is facing because uptil now they have not paid me. i can recall you made withdrawal on monday too but they paid you immediately. now not even a single referral has been approved yet even when all of them have upgraded their account and started performing activities on the site.
    it seems naijapay is only paying bloggers so they can promote them thinking they are paying. withdrawal since last week monday has not been paid uptil now..
    referral since last month has not been verified.
    because of this, i will create a blog and make sure i write a detailed article of scam and share it on social media if they fail to pay me my earnings this week because it is long overdue. how can they pay only bloggers because they know they can write scam article about them and then refuse to pay non bloggers.
    i am going to did out the name of the owner and all admin and write a detail article about their scam activities because they cannot tell me that uptill now non of my referral has yet to pay because i paid it myself while they gave me cash. so if you know the admin of the site, inform him that their site will run down and i will see to it that i buy vps and add their site to jingling to run for years and see if their server will not run down within in no time. they think they can scam me and go free.
    i have learnt series of ways to wreck their server if they failed to pay me this week. its not going to cost me more than 15 k to get a vps per year and use jigling to run their server down.even amazon free vps will do that. let them watch.

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