How to make money selling traffic online through TrafficBot Affiliate programs

Blog9ja review but in this article, we will be talking about how to make money selling traffic online.

Selling website traffic for commission is gradually becoming a popular and lucrative online here in Nigeria and other part of the world were online business is concerned. As far as website traffic remains essential to every website owner, this traffic selling online business will never seize to continue existing. The demand for website traffic every day by webmasters is growing higher and as such, you can also tap into this online business model and use this medium to earn some money continuously and unending selling traffic. In this article, i shall be recommending a medium through which you can make Money selling traffic online. perhaps you can look into this business and start working immediately or later in the future to make money selling traffic Keep Reading…

Make Money Selling Traffic Online

Indeed there are many mediums through which you can make money selling traffic online but we only recommend what we know and what we have tested to avoid leading you into been scammed. Here i shall be showing you how to make money selling traffic online using TrafficBot.

What is TrafficBot.UK

TrafficBot is a medium through which you can buy affordable website traffic online probably to reduce your bounce rate and your Alexa ranking to advertisers taste as explained here during a complete review about how TrafficBot works. With this same TrafficBot, you can make Money selling traffic online. You are not actually getting paid to send traffic to other websites but you will get paid to refer clients who want to send traffic to their websites at affordable price. Before we arrive at the use of TrafficBot, we have made some research to see other traffic reselling websites as well, but they seem to have high charges compared to TrafficBot which have affordable traffic prices with reliable services and this is the reason we’re recommending them here.

So how can i Earn with TrafficBot?

TrafficBot has three major ways to which you can make money selling traffic online.
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  • ©White-Label Manual
  • ©White-Label Automated.

TrafficBot Affiliate Program (How it Works)

make money selling traffic online This is the fastest and the easiest way to make money selling traffic online from TrafficBot. Their affiliate program allows you to earn commission when you refer a client to use their services. First You will need to Register with TrafficBot Affiliate program after that, you can then proceed to your affiliate Dashboard and you will see your referral Link. Copy Your Referral link And Promote it online through any promotional means and you will earn commission when any user join through your link and make purchase

TrafficBot Affiliate Commission Rate

  • Bronze – 20% (below 10 referrals): When you have below 10 referrals who joined through your link , you will be earning 20% of any purchase they make
  • Silver – 22% (over 10 referrals): When more than 10 persons sign up under your link, you will be earning 22% commissions of any purchase
  • Gold – 24% (over 30 referrals): When your referrals hits above 30, you will earn 24% for every purchase made through your link
  • Platinum – 26% (over 50 referrals): When you have made over 50 referrals under your link, you will earn 26% for every purchase made
  • Diamond – 28% (over 70 referrals): If you made over 70 regerals under your link, you will earn 28% referral commission for every purchase made with your link
  • Antimatter – 30% (over 100 referrals): When your referrals hits above 100, you will start earning 30% commission from every purchase made under your link
The more your referrals increase, the higher your commission goes. In that case , you will earn high when you have many referrals under your link. You’re not allowed to sign up under your own referral link to earn commissions. Self referral is strictly prohibited by TrafficBot. If any of such activity is found on your account, your affiliate account might be suspended. When your Accumulated earning reach $100, you can request withdrawal and get paid via PayPal payment method. or you can exchange your earning with traffic.

White-Label Traffic Manual: Traffic reselling

If you want to go into traffic reselling business, this method is most suitable. Here you will own a website just like were your clients can create projects but you will have to buy credit from TrafficBot and this credit is what your readers will buy. You can learn more here How it Works:
  • √You receive a payment from your client
  • √If you do not have credits on your balance you purchase them
  • √Using credits from your balance you create a project for your customer’s order
  • √If the customer asks you to change anything in the order you do it manually in your member area
  • √Once the month is over you need to renew the project manually or check the Auto-Renew checkbox in advance in your project’s settings page
In case of receiving any complaint from your customer that you cannot handle by changing your project’s settings you can simply forward it to or use our Live Chat. The advantage of this method is that none of your clients will ever know that you purchase the traffic from TrafficBot, so you can focus on your own marketing and sales and not to bother about the buying traffic. The downside is that you cannot activate customers’ orders immediately and you have to create orders in TrafficBot member area manually.

Automated Traffic Reselling

This is the most advanced method of TrafficBot traffic reselling program and it actually requires quite a lot of preparatory work from your side. Automated Traffic Reselling presumes that you already have a website where your clients can put orders and this website is connected to TrafficBot server using their Reselling API. You can find the API’s specification in your member area after registering by clicking at API link in the Automation section of the main menu. With API you can automatically check your balance, create, edit, pause, resume and check status of your projects. Using API requires some programming and advanced skills. The advantage of this method is that you have your own website and none of your clients will ever know that you purchase the traffic from TrafficBot, so you can focus on your own marketing and sales and not to bother about the buying traffic. You maintain your own brand and all your customers will be loyal to you. Also you can fully automate selling process and activate the projects immediately once your customer places an order. With every purchase at US you receive 1 free demo credit on your account, so you can use it for demo purposes for your clients. Keep in mind that demo credits can only be used for the domains that are not in their database yet and they cannot be used for short links, redirects nor for affiliate links..

Wrapping Up: Make Money selling traffic online using TrafficBot

As a beginner who wants to start making money online selling website traffic, i will recommend you start with TrafficBot Affiliate program. As time goes on, you can upgrade to the next level if you see how fast growing and productive the business moves. One thing to boost your affiliate earning is writing reviews especially on how to buy cheap website traffic. with this, you can gather targeted audience who wants to buy traffic to use your link. If this article answer your question of how to to make money selling traffic online kindly share and tweet us below. Remember to subscribe for more of our Updates. ]]>

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