Top10 Instant Money Making Apps to earn Free cash.

There’s no doubt there are so many money apps online and while some are free others are paid and premium. While some pays instantly others take bit of time to accumulate and total your earning but in which ever method, they are all great for those who want to do make money from home jobs using their Mobile phones. In this article, I will be showing you some Top10 Instant Money Making Apps to earn Free cash.

If you’ve visited the appstore you will notice so many helpful apps that can help make some cash while at school, working places , travelling or other places. Others will help improve your daily living.

Apps are really great way to access the web in more convenient and better means. Like i have said earlier. They apps that help generate free money are countless. while many of them are fake many are real and legit..

Why waste time scrolling through your news feed, over and over again aimlessly, when you could earn a decent amount of money by completing simple task with just the use of your mobile phone and installing apps that pays you real money

How cool would it be if you could happily buy that nice dress, piece of jewelry, bag or wrist-watch that you have always wanted and many more by just playing games, chatting, answering questions and doing what you love with your mobile phone, whenever you want and wherever you want it.

Sounds a bit crazy right? Well I guess today is your lucky day. In this blog post, I’m going to be sharing with you the “Top 10 Instant Money Making Apps” out there.

I know you’re already anticipating, so without further a do, let’s dive rug: to the list of best instant money making apps.

Top 10 List of Instant Money Making Apps!

All of the below apps are found and available for download on Google Playstore. Download, install and explore them.

1 Baazi Review: Instant Earning App

We cannot mention Instant Paytm earning apps without Baazi on the list. Here’s a safe haven for all the geeks out there. After studying so hard and earning a good grade, what could be more rewarding than earning tons of cash from your knowledge? It’s a double win for you since you literally aced that math or chemistry test and you get indirectly paid for studying.

How Brain Baazi App Works:

It’s a quiz app that basically pays you for answering four questions in a row, consecutively.

There are usually different questions that are assigned to different time lengths and different contests. Once a question is answered correctly, your level automatically increases but when you fail the question, you get eliminated.

Pro Tip: Always ensure you answer the last questions in a row correctly because it’s the highest paying question. And I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss that loot.

Payment Method: Paytm Wallet. Download BaaziNow app

2 Wow App Review: Free earning app

Imagine getting paid to chat with friends and loved once on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and other social media platforms? I know if I were to be paid for the time I’ve spent on social media, I’ll be swimming in a boat load of cash *slight grin

And this fantasy is what the “Wow App” brings to reality. It pays you for every time you chat with friends, loved once, read news, watch interesting videos and lots more.

How Wow App Works:

For every task completed, you are automatically credited to your account with special coins. These coins are the medium of exchange for actual cash.

What I Love About Them:

I love the “Wow App” so much because, you could redeem as little as $1.

Every 100 Coin = $1

Payment Method: Paypal. Download Wow App

3 GameOn: Instant money making app

After recommending this app to a friend of mine, he never stopped thanking me.

Just like the name implies, GameOn is the right spot for football and cricket frenzies.

How GameOn Works:

It literally pays you for participating in what you love best “Sports”.

If you posses great knowledge and passion for cricket and football, you shouldn’t give it a second thought before joining this awesome app.

You can earn a pretty decent amount of money with this instant money maker.

All you’re required to do is to join a contest, make a minimum of 20 predictions on any upcoming game event.

Immediately the game commences, all participants are ranked according to the number of correct predictions. This is also among the list of our Instant money making apps.

GameOn’s Sweet Spot:

Even if you don’t get most predictions correctly, rest assured you still get paid for the number of correct predictions made and you don’t have to pay a dime to compete unlike other sport betting sites. Download GameOn app

4 Injoy Fun App: instant Earning App

This is also among the best instant paying apps. If you have a funny bone or element of humor in you, you’re at the right gateway. If you think getting paid for chatting sounds crazy, how about getting paid to laugh and make others laugh?

How Injoy Fun App Works:

This is the twist that “Injoy Fun App” brings to your doorstep. It pays you to watch and upload funny videos on WhatsApp.

Installing the app automatically gives you a welcome bonus of Rs 50,000 coins.

Login into the app for a consecutive period of 5days, assures Rs30 payout.

Injoy Fun App’s Sweet Spot:

You earn Rs5 for every person that signs up through your unique referral link and for every 100 Coins you get, it equals Rs 1.

Payment Method: Paytm Download here

5 Slide Joy: Instant Reward App

This is one among the top apps that pays you to unlock screen. I promised a friend of mine that I wasn’t going to share his secret while using this app, but I just have to because I love my audience. If you’re reading it right now dear friend, don’t be angry!

You must have use an app on your mobile phone that automatically fills the lock screen of your device and displays a bit of advertisement and you’ll have through the advertisement to open your device.

How Slide Joy Works:

This is the same technique Slide Joy employs, it displays an advertisement whenever you are about unlocking your mobile device, and it earns you points.

Slide Joy’s Sweet Spot:

You get paid when you play online games using the app, you get paid to test and try out new games and you also earn a decent amount from completing surveys and doing product reviews.

Pro Tip: Surveys earn you huge points.

Payment Methods: Paypal or Mobile Top Up. Download SlideJoy app

6 Roamler Review: Top paying Survey app

This app is what I make use of most of the time. It’s not so easy to sign up for. You’ll have to get an invite link to be able to sign up.

How Roamler Works:

You’ll be given simpler tasks which includes; taking photos and mystery shopping. Mystery shopping isn’t necessarily shopping it maybe as easy as taking photos of food items in shops near you.

Roamler’s Sweet Spot:

They never run out of tasks to complete and you can earn up to £2-£6 for every task you complete. Download Roamler Earning App

7 Field Agent: Highest paying app

I’ve had my fair share of loots while using this pretty interesting app.

Field Agent’s Sweet Spot:

They offer a wide range of various tasks to complete. It could be answering questions, surveys, reviews, taking photos and lots more.

The fun part of getting paid £2 – £8 per easy tasks that takes literally few minutes. Download Field agent app

8 Dream II App:Instant Reward App

If GameOn doesn’t suit your needs, this is your best bet. Just like the GameOn App, you get rewarded for your love of football or cricket.

How Dream II App Works:

After installing the app, make sure you use an exclusive invite code from a friend to ensure you get a welcome bonus of Rs 100.

When choosing leagues, go for the most recent leagues and create a minimum of 6 teams and start earning.

Minimum Cashout: Rs 200 (Indian money) Download Dream app

9 StreetBees Review: Instant Reward App

Streetbees tasks do not come as frequent as other apps do. But when tasks from streebees come, you can earn up to a whooping sum of nothing less than £10+

Completing a task on StreetBees twice a month is sometimes equivalent to completing four different tasks on other Instant Money Making Apps. Download Streetbees app

10 Task Bucks: Instant Reward App

This is another instant money maker that could be your best bet. You earn from completing regular tasks and installing few apps on a consistent basis.

Task Buck’s Sweet Spot:

Installing featured apps on task bucks can earn a decent amount of cash of about Rs 200.

You get paid for reading news, sharing on various social media handles.

Lastly, you get paid when you complete surveys or signing up to featured websites.

Method of Payment: Paypal or Data Packs.

Minimum Payout: Rs 20. Download Task Busk app

Conclusion:Instant Earning apps

Thanks for reading my blog post on top 10 instant money making apps to try out. I hope my guide would help you in making the right choice when choosing any money making app.

If you loved the article, please comment and share on social media.

If you’ve used other apps, I’d love to hear about it, please use the comment box below if you also have questions.


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