Justfrom5k.com: Is it Scam or Legit? A Quick Review

frontpage of justfrom5k.com

Justfrom5k.com is among one of Nigeria’s big freelancing site. Nigeria’s freelancing industry is blooming rapidly and this is one I have tested and I must say that the site is nice. Justfrom5k.com is quite versatile if it is compared with some freelance sites in Nigeria. Starting from the interface to the gigs, both when it comes to creates tasks and performing them. I would love to explain parts of Justfrom5k.com, I will be updating this post regularly so you can make a mental note to check later or you can comment and request I touch up specific parts of this post. Cheers.




As culled from their official website:

Justfrom5k is owned and managed by one of the partners at Asterix Innovative Solutions, which is a tech company registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number 959033. Currently, we still consider the platform to be ‘Work in Progress’. So your suggestions and feedbacks are welcomed at any time.”

This is their official announcement to show proof that they are legit and NOT SCAM!!! They do respond to feedbacks and they affect the change if they find it super amazing.

Let me drop this little information before we move on to more about the website.

Under the Service Request Navigation button; You can post an errand, a task or a project as you wish;

image of navigation menu of justfrom5k.com

then right underneath that, we have the Get Paid navigation button where you can Run an Errand, perform a Task and Execute a Project.

image of nav. menu, get paid section

How to easily contact the administrator of the website:

Office Address: 29 Kujore Street, Ojota, Lagos.

Email Address: info@justfrom5k.com



  1. Create an account (you can skip this if you already have a registered account)
  2. Edit your profile
  3. Go to your Homepage *not your dashboard though* and click on create a task
  4. You can create a task according to your needs and demands and the complexity of the task

    “Forgive my use of the word, ‘Task’ to represent errand, task and project”

  1. Once you are done creating the task, users who have signified interest in the category of your entry will be alerted immediately and they will start submitting their bids
  2. After you have received multiple bids, you can review the profiles of each bidder and then make a selection to see the contact details of the bidders


  1. Create an account (you can skip this if you already have a registered account)
  2. Edit your profile
  3. Go to your Homepage *not your dashboard though* and click on browse tasks
  4. Select a category of interest or categories of interest, you can move to the next sub-topic to view the offers available. Whenever a bid is placed relating to the categories you chose according to your skill set, you will be notified through your email unless you subscribe for notifications by SMS
  5. Once you receive this alert, you must submit a bid containing an amount which you feel is fair for the task at hand and then you will have to give a very amazing write-up on why the taskmaster should accept your bid.
  6. If the taskmaster likes your bid, He would contact you and both of you can get down to business. In case you are scared of being scammed, there is an escrow service available by EarnersWeb, just hit this link and type Justfrom5k Escrow Needed.

Images relating to the tasks accepted on JUSTFROM5K

categories in justfrom5k.comcategories in justfrom5k.comcategories in justfrom5k.comcategories in justfrom5k.com

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