How To Withdraw From Payoneer In Nigeria

linking your payoneer bank with your PayPal account and after then i have been receiving so many queries bidding me to write about how to withdraw from payoneer in nigeria since it’s necessary to get your funds out after accumulation.

We aren’t writing this article for the help of those who linked payoneer to PayPal alone but to other affiliate markers and freelancers who gas equally accumulated some payoneer funds looking forward to get them in real cash. In this article i will be sharing a video guide with you regarding how to withdraw from payoneer in nigeria but before then you need to learn some factors to consider.(terms and Conditions)

Withdrawing from payoneer to your local bank in Nigeria

Some folks keep complaining: I can’t see the withdrawal button, I can see option to send out payoneer funds and lot’s more forgetting the rules and regulations guiding payoneer users. let’s see the essential ones.
  • You need to Reach 200$

    As soon as you create your payoneer account and it get approved, you can neither send out funds nor withdraw since you have Zero balance. And even when you manage to received some funds, you can’t still get the transfer button unless you reach 200$ or above sent from some affiliate companies. In that case you will make sure you have at least 200$ before you will be able to transfer from one payoneer account to another. Anything less than that won’t work as you won’t see the sending button in your payoneer dashboard.
  • You Need 1000$

    Another reason why so many payoneer users are unable to transfer to their local bank as because they haven’t reached the payoneer transfer threshold. Just as you’re searching how to withdraw from payoneer in Nigeria, you should also know that without reaching 1000Dollars you cannot transfer from payoneer to your local nigeria bank account. If your earning is slow that you won’t reach that amount easily then you should be thinking of how to sell your payoneer funds and not withdrawing. You can transfer anything Between 200 to 900$ but you cannot withdraw to bank not until you reach $1k.
  • Charges are applied

    Wither you transfer to your local bank or you withdraw with payoneer card via ATM machines, you will always be charged for such transactions. One question that will always come your mind when you’re ready to receive money from payoneer to Nigeria bank is “What are the transaction charges?” How much will your Bank and payoneer charge you. I have a good article online which talked about payoneer charges here you can read and learn how much payoneer do charge for every successful transaction.
Having learnt the above, let me share with you the video on how to withdraw from payoneer in nigeria

How to withdraw from payoneer in Nigeria

This is an official video by payoneer showing the step by step guide on how to get your money from payoneer to your local bank account anywhere around the globe. Have you watched the above video but still have some questions in kind regarding how to withdraw from payoneer in Nigeria? You can use the below comment box to ask your questions. Also remember to Subscribe for our next update.]]>

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