How to use PayPal in Nigeria (The ultimate PayPal fund beginners guide)

What is PayPal And PayPal Account

Paypal is an online payment method set up to Send and receive payment online without stress. With the help of Paypal, You can send Money to any part of the world and this money can only be received when your partners whom you’re sending money to have PayPal Accounts. The money or available balance in your PayPal Account is what we call PayPal fund.

How to Use PayPal in Nigeria For Newbies

Before PayPal started working in Nigeria, it has been in existence in the USA and other advanced countries for long. But even now that Paypal has been made available for Nigerians , it’s still not possible to withdraw your PayPal fund to your Nigeria bank account unlike other advanced countries. The unavailability of this PayPal feature has made it very difficult for Nigerians to spend their PayPal funds especially in real cash. but even with that we still have helpful options. To use PayPal in Nigeria, You must first of all own a PayPal Account which you can create here

Facts You must know before Creating a PayPal Account In Nigeria

  • One person is not Allowed to own double PayPal Accounts one person for one account
  • You must be 18yrs old to use PayPal
  • You cannot withdraw the fund in your PayPal to your account
  • You can Fund your PayPal with your Credit Card,MasterCards
If you must work to make money online you need a PayPal Account. This is because Most of the top Foreign affiliate or Referral programs to make money online do pay using PayPal. You can cashout to your PayPal Account in Nigeria after working with such companies. Therefore if you’re looking for how to use PayPal in Nigeria, The importants and uses of Paypal in Nigeria, i will say “it can help Send and receive payment from foreign countries.” that’s just the main function.

Here is How it Works

At first when you want to create a new PayPal Account in Nigeria, Your Bank card will be required and after connecting your Card to your PayPal Account, any money you send to other PayPal users or used in making purchases online will be deducted from your bank account. However , the money you receive from other PayPal users will only end in your PayPal Account. It cannot go directly to your bank account even with the fact that your Bank Card is successfully added. Since we cannot withdraw the PayPal funds to our Nigeria bank , how then do we spend the available PayPal funds in our PayPal Account?

How to use PayPal in Nigeria (Spending Your PayPal Funds)

If You happen to work with a foreign company which pays you with Paypal and you don’t know how to use your available PayPal funds, below are some options to spend your PayPal funds in Nigeria.
  • Buy Stuffs Online: There are many online stores that Accept PayPal payment methods. With these online stores, you can buy stuffs online spending the money in your Nigeria PayPal Account. E.g In one of my previous article, i wrote about some WebHosting Companies that accept PayPal payment methods You can check that out if you’re looking forward to buy webhosting and domain names using your PayPal funds.
  • Sell your PayPal funds for Naira: There are many people looking for were to buy PayPal funds. You have them on Facebook and other social Medias. E.g Whenever i want to sell PayPal funds and get paid in Naira, After accumulation of some PayPal funds probably from some foreign companies, i will only post on my Facebook timeline in this format {“PayPal fund available for Sale – 1$=340”} Those who need PayPal funds at that moment will surely come to my inbox and make negotiation. After concluding how many $ they want to buy, they will then make payment to my bank account while i transfer the equivalent fund from my PayPal Account to their own PayPal account. With this, you will be able to exchange your PayPal funds with Naira.
When Transferring PayPal funds from your account to other peoples account, all you need is their PayPal Email.

Wrapping Up:How to Use PayPal in Nigeria

Before you start using PayPal, you must have a working PayPal Account and when creating a new PayPal Account there are some Cards that might be rejected e.g I personally tried with Eco bank card and it was rejected but when i added my GT-bank Card to verify my PayPal Account, it work even without issues. If your Bank card got rejected, try exploring GT-Bank cards am sure they works very well. If you find it difficult to create a working PayPal Account , you can contact me using the available contact buttons from this site and i will help you create a working PayPal Account with just a token If you find this article on how to use PayPal in Nigeria really useful, kindly share and tweet us below. Don’t leave without subscribing for more updates. Am working to create another helpful article and am dropping it soon (kindly subscribe below to get you updated)

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