How to Make Money Online with Print On Demand

Creating and selling your own products is a fun way to make money online, but with so many options available, it can be tough to figure out how to get started. Print on demand (POD) services like Zazzle allow you to design and sell custom items without any initial inventory or printing costs, so you only spend money when you make money. To make the most of print on demand opportunities, these tips will help you determine the best items to create and which POD service is right for you.

What Is POD?

Print on demand is a service that allows publishers or designers to order and publish books, magazines, and other materials as they are needed, rather than printing large quantities in advance. In most cases print on demand uses digital printing technology—on-demand printers can produce single copies of a book from a digital file stored on an online database. Digital printing makes it possible for small businesses and even individuals (such as authors) to self-publish their books without having them printed at a conventional publishing house.

Pros and Cons of POD

For business owners and entrepreneurs, print on demand is a great way to get your products into people’s hands and make money. Print on demand companies like Inventage have virtual storefronts where you can upload designs and have them printed, packaged, shipped, and delivered. There are both benefits and drawbacks to using print on demand for your online sales efforts

Easy Ways to Start Making Money

Before you can make money from home, you’ll need to set up a few things. The first thing that you’ll need is a printer. You can find some very nice ones for less than $100 if you are careful about what you buy. You’ll also need internet access and a mailing address, preferably one where nobody will mind packages being sent (but someone will be there to sign for them). Then all that is left is finding something that people want.

Tips to Get Started Right Away

Setting up a website for print on demand is relatively simple. But before you make your first purchase, it’s important to know what a print on demand is and how it can help you start making money online right away. There are several different POD companies that provide similar services, but they all offer a somewhat different product. Here are some of the best ways to use print on demand

Big Things You Can Sell

While many people associate print on demand services (like Amazon’s CreateSpace) with authors and books, there are actually some big things you can sell through these channels. Let’s look at a few examples

Creating Product Listings That Sell

While each print-on-demand platform is a little different, there are best practices you can use across all of them. If your goal is to make money online with print on demand, you’ll want your product pages to stand out and entice potential customers. Here are five tips for creating print on demand listings that sell

Should I Use Etsy or My Own Website?

Both Etsy and your own website have their pros and cons. If you choose to sell on Etsy, you’ll have access to millions of potential customers but will be paying a small listing fee every time you list an item for sale. However, if you use your own website or another site such as Shopify, you’ll get more exposure, but won’t have access to as many potential customers as with Etsy.

Create a Simple Listing Page That Sells Like Crazy (A step-by-step guide by yours truly!)

Listing pages are what’s going to make or break your Print on Demand business. They need to contain all of your most important information about your product and should be very easy for customers looking for items like yours, to find. When you’re creating your listing page, remember that your potential customers will want quick and easy access. The goal is that they get information, place an order and never have a need to contact you again!

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