how jumia affiliate program works: Beginners guide

top paying affiliate programs to earn 50%/commissions per sale but in this article we are going to learn specifically about how jumia affiliate program works and everything you need to know before getting started with jumia affiliate program.

how jumia affiliate program works Some times on your Facebook timelines, you see friends and families publish new product for sale and you are like when did Kennedy start selling cloths,phones, Books, shoes, jewelries etc? but the truth is that they are only promoting to earn certain commission when you buy via their affiliate links. they don’t own any store for the products they are promoting. There are many top paying affiliate programs in Nigeria today among which jumia is one of the best on the lists of legit affiliate programs that pays in Nigeria.

What Is Jumia

Don’t be lost with my brief explanationz. Jumia is a Nigeria based online store where you can buy or sell goods online and get paid in Naira. Jumia and Konga remains the best Nigeria online stores to buy or sell goods of their kinds. Knowing well that jumia cannot succeed alone without exploring other peoples promotional ideas, so they set up jumia affiliate program in 2015. to fasten their promotion and also make others earn money via jumia.

What is Jumia Affiliate program

Jumia Affiliate program helps affiliate marketers to earn money online by selling and promoting products from Jumia store.

How jumia affiliate program works

With jumia affiliate program you earn up to 11% commission for every sale made from your jumia affiliate links and Banners. With jumia affiliate program your Cookies last for 30days I.e even of someone click on any of your jumia affiliate link today and could not make purchase. after 29days if he comes back to jumia even with direct link to buy any product you still get the commission as far as your Cookies remains in their Mobile or desktop browsers.

How to Join Jumia Affiliate program

To join jumia affiliate program for free simply click on their affiliate page Click on the register link and sign up by filling the required form. Your account will be reviewed and you will get approved within 24hrs. After that you will be given a jumia affiliate unique tracking ID which will be used in tracking successful sales and clicks on your links. Right on your Jumia Affiliate program dashboard you will see many products ready for sale. You can pick any one with their screenshots for promotion. Every product has it own affiliate link which you will see on your Jumia Affiliate dashboard.

How to make Money From Jumia Affiliate program

To earn money from jumia affiliate program is the main work not even knowing how jumia affiliate program works or how to join jumia affiliate program. Having learnt how jumia affiliate program works and how to register with them* now how would you earn money from jumia affiliate program? This will be another article which i will write in dept about because it’s not something that need quick explanations but before i create an article about that i will throw some light on how to make money online via jumia affiliate marketing. To make Money from jumia affiliate marketing, there are two steps that i always recommend to all my fans who wish to join this program and make legit money.

Jumia Affiliate Marketing InCome

  • Create A Blog:

    When creating a blog for jumia affiliate program it’s either you create a niche affiliate blog or an online store. If you wish to sell many stuffs on your blog you can go ahead to create an online store where you will use your jumia affiliate products links as the purchase button so that when your readers want to buy they can then use your affiliate links. To create a niche affiliate blog for jumia you may need to find the best selling products on jumia and you blog about them selling the products with your affiliate links. e.g You can set up a mobile Niche blog where you write phone specs about the latest phones and prices. Those who have interest in buying the phones online will always hookup with your affiliate links and you will get their purchase commissions. Even if your blog is a multi niche Blog you can pick some certain jumia affiliate products relating to your blog niche to sell them on your blog. To generate high sales remember that Writing review is always the best options. When you write good reviews about trending products you will always get more sales from buyers via search engines like google. Using your website as a sale channel for jumia products won’t get you working all day if you can get your reviews indexed on googles front page. You will have to work less while the search engines do the rest works for you.
  • Blog On Social media:

    the good news about jumia affiliate program is that “you can earn money from sales made via the social media.” You can create great product reviews and share them on your Facebook pages , timeline or groups to generate sales. E.g If you want to promote TECNO mobile phones from Jumia as an affiliate marketer who don’t have a website or even when you have a website but want to utilize your social media presence , You can create A page with the name (Tecno Phones, Buy Tecno mobiles, Cheap Tecno, Tecno price) etc Here you will be posting various Tecno phones reviews, prices and your affiliate links to enable your readers buy your products from Jumia. After posting on your pages you can share on your timelines, Your friends timelines and other peoples open groups as well to get your posts reach large numbers of audience. Keep doing this repeatedly , because those who could not make purchases last month may be ready to buy now.

About Jumia Affiliate commission

Having learnt how much jumia pays per sale, (11% commission). Note that this commission will only be credited to your jumia affiliate account only when your buyers placed order, payed and get goods delivered. This is because some folks may place order today and cancel it later. Such orders will not earn you the affiliate products commissions since it was cancelled. You get paid directly to your Nigeria Bank account when ever you request payout for product sales.

Some Helpful Tips regarding how jumia affiliate program works

  • Tips: When sharing your jumia affiliate products on Facebook, always shorten your links to make them more eye catching. To me , i always use in shrinking affiliate links and it’s also recommended for any other affiliate marketer.
  • Share and keep sharing over and over again. No one can tell when the buyers come
  • Write products reviews that will rank on googles front page to earn more commissions while you sleep
  • Strive and work hard to make more and more sales to earn the bonus offered to jumia affiliate best sellers
  • Always remember that affiliate marketing is time consuming as it may take some times to start seeing results so feel calm when you couldn’t make sales today tomorrow will be better.
  • Sell high demand goods that are widely demanded for by large range of audience to get your goods purchased quickly

Still want to learn more helpful tips and guides about how jumia affiliate program works?

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