Garanntor Affiliate Review: 90 days Cookies with 25% Affiliate Commission

DomainKing affiliate program where i also stated some reasons why affiliate marketing remains the best means to make money online. But in this article, we shall be looking at Garanntor Affiliate Review. Guarantor Affiliate ReviewIMG Making money online has always been the theme of this website right from the first day, as we have recommended lots of ways to make money online in Nigeria and outside Nigeria including various legitimate top paying affiliate programs. Personally, i love recommending Nigeria affiliate programs because most of my clients are from Nigeria and as such they would want some ways to earn directly to their local bank account( Not PayPal , not payonner,) Without time waste, let’s look quickly at today’s topic “Garanntor affiliate review”

Garanntor Affiliate Review: What is Garanntor is one of the leading Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria where you can buy web Hosting and Domain names at affordable charges. With Garanntor Webhosting company, you can host and get your website running online with as Low as ₦1,500 and as high as ₦38,000 yearly Garanntor as have an affiliate section which allows it users to make money online referring other clients to make purchase at

Garanntor Affiliate Review: Affiliate Commission and how it works

With Garanntor Affiliate program, you will earn 25% affiliate commission per referrals purchase. Let’s say you refer Mr Kennedy Prosper and he made the purchase of ₦20,000 hosting through your Garanntor Affiliate link, You will earn ₦5000 directly to your affiliate dashboard pending withdrawal upon your request. One good thing about Garanntor Affiliate program is their affiliate cookies which last longer upto 90days. That means if someone click on your Garanntor Affiliate link and couldn’t make purchase instantly, even if he returns in 90 days time with the same mobile device or PC and buy from Garanntor even without using your Garanntor Affiliate link again, you will still earn the affiliate commission since the cookies still exists on their browsers.

Getting started with Garanntor Affiliate program

Garanntor Affiliate program is free to join and you can start right away by signing up with the affiliate Registration link After registration, Login to your Garanntor Affiliate Dashboard to get started. Garanntor Affiliate Review scam legit

How to make Money with Garanntor Affiliate program

Usually, i do recommend some methods when promoting any Affiliate products online and these promotional methods aren’t excluded to Garanntor Affiliate program. To get more sales and make money from Garanntor Affiliate program, stick to below tactics.
  • Social Media Promotion:

    Garanntor usually run promotional offers. As an affiliate, target when promo Codes and coupons are available to purchase hosting with Discounts. Share Garanntor coupon Codes on social medias along with your Garanntor Affiliate links. Lot’s of persons love buying online using coupon codes than the original product prices due to the discount available. You may consider running Facebook Ads to reach large Audience with the available coupon. Trust me before the promo runs out you might have made more sales than ever.
  • Personal Website Reviews:

    Write Garanntor hosting Reviews on your website to capture your readers who might also want to purchase hosting. However, when writing Your reviews, remember to use some organic keywords used by audience in search for where and the best place to buy hosting at affordable charges. Doing this will get you more loyal buyers from search engines. Among all, when writing your review ” always makes sure you give the best because your readers will only place order with your link when they’re impressed with your expressions.

Withdrawing from Garanntor Affiliate program

Withdrawing from Garanntor Affiliate is just as easy as Withdrawing the money saved in your bank account. The image shared above shows how Garanntor Affiliate program works with the entire process involved.

Is Garanntor Affiliate program Scam or legit

Though i have not used Garanntor Affiliate program before as a means of monetisation but before writing this Garanntor Affiliate Review, i made inquiries from more than 5 of my friends who are big fans of Garanntor Affiliate program and from the reviews gathered, Garanntor Affiliate program is legit and not scam as they have been paying their affiliate clients ever since the day1 of their business in Nigeria. So if you’re looking for Nigeria Web Hosting Affiliate programs that pays in Naira, this Garanntor Affiliate Review is certainly written for your sake.

How much can you make from Garanntor Affiliate program?

The amount you earn from Garanntor Affiliate program depends on how many people you’re able to refer to buy hosting from Garanntor. Mind You, You don’t get paid when people click on your links, you only get paid for purchases made through your Garanntor Affiliate link.

Wrapping Up: Garanntor Affiliate Review

From the above Garanntor Affiliate Review, the commission is very OK and quite impressive. You can start monetising your website with Garanntor Affiliate program perhaps use it as additional income source. Have you been using Garanntor Affiliate program even before now? what’s your personal Garanntor Affiliate Review? and what can you say about them kindly share with us in the comment section. Remember to subscribe with your email below to get more legitimate ways to make money online in Nigeria and abroad. Google Search Terms:
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