Top 10 Free Money making Apps in Ghana to make money with your mobile Phones

ideal apps to make money online in Ghana? , In this article, we shall be discussing some top money making apps in ghana which you can easily use to make money with your android and any other mobile devices for free. I have been using some of this app to earn some cool cash here in Nigeria and these apps are also compatible in Ghana,Kenya and other African countries.

As you all know, It’s been a trait here disclosing all hidden stuffs about money making and blogging related issues especially for my BlogsNg fans. As my humble reader, I decided today to show you this awesome top 10 money making apps in ghana by just doing what you love most. Note- making money online is not that easy, so you should learn to take action. Keep of procrastination for the main time while you earn make money with these money making apps in ghana These online earning in apps Ghana which am about to show you now is 100% legit. So you have nothing to fear because they are legit(out of experience).
Hey, please have it in mind this app won’t make you rich neither can you build Mansions with them. However, am 100% sure this app will Carter some if your daily needs like paying necessary bills.

Top10 Legit Money Making Apps In Ghana

Below is our lists of top10 legit and Free money making apps in ghana according to personal experience and review(s) gathered so far. All of the listed apps that pays you in Ghana can be downloaded on Google PlayStore for free.
  • 1. Square Point of Sale: money making app in Ghana

    Square point of sale is an app that enable you to receive credit card bills from individuals. You will want to get a small device that plugs into your telephone, however after that, you can swipe cards and accumulate cash. the usage of this, you could sell pretty a whole lot anything you want. like paypal, the app itself might not generate any money for you. you’ll ought to locate inclined clients. But, the capacity to accept money in situations in which you commonly cannot is beneficial. The app is totally free to down load and signing up gets you a free magstrip reader.
  • 2. Surveys on the Go:money making app in Ghana

    Surveys on the Go is an app that lets you complete surveys for money. Unlike many where you get points like Google Opinion Rewards, this one pays out in cash. Admittedly, there are only a few surveys available during any given month. Thus, don’t expect to be rolling in dough. However, it’s good for those who just want to earn a few extra bucks here and there. The app itself is a little blandly designed, but it’s easy enough to use. It’s another one of those must-have apps to make money.
  • 3. Uber or Lyft: money making app in Ghana

    Uber and Lyft are two transportation services. Their apps are used by both drivers and customers. Basically, you become a taxi and people use the app to find you. These apps can provide both full and part time jobs. The money isn’t ground breaking, but it’s good enough to be considered a job. There is a process that drivers have to go through before they’re hired, but unless you’ve done some unforgettably horrible things and you have a car, you’re pretty much ready to go. This is a great app and made its way in our list of the best money making apps. still on 10 money making apps in Ghana, so continue reading because am not yet done .
  • 4. Ebates:money making app in Ghana

    This is a coupon app which gives you some cash back on your purchases. Speaking, you bought the things you wanted and yet got some bucks back. It will not make you millions but could save you some pennies and give some bucks. Above all, it is free and there is no harm in trying. We chose it to be among the best money making apps in ghana because its effectiveness and if combined with some other apps can help out a lot.
  • 5. eBay: Online Money making App in Ghana

    As we all know that a lot of people have tons of old stuffs that worth some cash. EBay will assist you into turning those stuffs into big cash. It is popular app which everyone knows how it works. You list your items on the website and purchase it and it will be shipped to them. You can sell a lot of items from books and cloths to electronics and even furniture or cars. We recommend selling larger items locally because shipping can be challenging, it is free to sign up and start selling. Ebay is really considered in our list of best money making apps because of the trust it has earned over the years.
  • 6. Etsy:money making app in Ghana

    There are a lot of individuals who are talented in the field of arts and Etsy is a great online platform for such people to sell their various arts and crafts. You can find a variety of stuff there and virtually all of it is handmade, limited edition, or one of a kind. Users can sell almost whatever they want. The app is popular especially among USA citizens. We included it in our list of best money making apps because it lets you manage your shop, your orders, and your listings and can give you some extra bucks. You can also chat with potential buyers and its totally free to sign up and start selling. It is a great platfrom for the artistically inclined to make a few bucks.
  • 7. Google Opinion Rewards:money making app in Ghana

    Just like the name sounds, it is a Google owned app which will give you some few bucks by sending you some surveys based on the places you have been. You complete the surveys by answering some questions then you earn Google Play credit; unlike other apps, the money you earn will only be usable in the Google Play Store. The credits can be spent on apps and games in Google playstore. This is one of the best money making apps for Android users. Also, it is free to install. It’s a good way to build up your apps and games collection quickly.
  • 8. Ibotta:money making app in Ghana

    This app is similar to Ebates. The idea behind the two apps are the same. You purchase items online and the app helps you earn some bucks back on those purchases. The process is that you pick out things that you’re going to buy, go buy them, and then verify the purchase. The app will then send you some bucks through Paypal, Venmo, or gift card. It is not going to earn you a whole lot of cash. But, when combined with other apps in our list of best money making apps in Ghana then could get some eye-catching penny. It is free and worth trying out.
  • 9. Make Money:money making app in Ghana

    This is an app which tries to educate its users on how to make money from home in Ghana. Unlike most people out there online looking for people to scam off their hard earned currency, rather this app tells you what is within the realm of possiblity. It also has a list of 60 jobs which one can do from the comfort of their homes and also offers up a list of relevant skills that you’ll need to do them. Some of the stuffs it offers includes how to make money blogging or running a Youtube channel. It is worth trying and its free especially sit-at-mums. We decided to include it in our list of the best money making apps in Ghana because of how helpful it could be to our readers.
  • 10. PayPal:money making app in Ghana

    Paypal is another powerful platform in our list of best money making apps in ghana. A lot of people know it because of EBay. However, a user can use the app to run virtually any business. It can accept payments from virtually anywhere and you can use it to manage invoices, payments, and sales from various websites. Although, the company just developed another app called PayPal Business which is made specifically for small business owners. It won’t make you money on its own, but it can help if you have an idea for a business. It is totally free to use.

Wrapping Up: Legit money making apps in Ghana

The top Paying apps to make money in Ghana has been shared and the next step you are entitled to take is to give it a try. Drop your questions in the comment section. and remember to subscribe for more updates in regards on how to make money online in Ghana for free Regards! ]]>

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