How to convert recharge card to money in Nigeria using Cheetahpay

how to convert recharge card to money Online in Nigeria I mean to real cash.

Some Years ago, i was getting too many recharge card airtime opportunities on my desk which i keep wishing i could convert to real money. It leads me online, making searches about how to convert recharge card to money in Nigeria, how to convert airtime to cash and many other related searches. With my searches, i was directed to some other recharge cards to airtime converters which i used for over a year. After about 1 whole year, i wasn’t satisfied with their services not because they aren’t working well but because their charges were getting off hand. So i began to look for another alternative to convert my recharge card airtime to real cash as more recharge cards offers keep coming my way. During my Research, i was able to find out more reliable way to convert your Recharge card of (MTN, Airtel and 9Mobile) to real Cash. which you can withdraw from your local bank.

CheeTahPay Online Airtime to Cash Converter

With cheetahPay, You can easily convert airtime of the three major networks in Nigeria to real money which you can withdraw from your local Nigeria bank. With Your Cheetahpay Account Opened for free, You can deposite Your Recharge card(airtime) of any amount online, and withdraw them to your bank free of charge at any time you wish. Cheetahpay Is an online Recharge Card(Airtime) Bank, where you can save your airtime just like you save real cash. Sometimes, You may want to make payment in some areas where banks are not too close, instead of delaying the payment , you can buy recharge card of the amount you want to transact , Load them online on your Cheetahpay account and now you can easily transfer to who ever you wish with ease. Therefore i will say Cheetahpay has made it easy for Nigerians to make transaction online without going to the bank to stand on long queues. In this Post i will show you how to deposit On your Cheetahpay account and in my next article , i will write about how to withdraw from Cheetahpay to your bank account.

How to convert recharge card to money in Nigeria

This tutorial is the steps to deposit money online inform of recharge card using Cheetahpay online payment gateway.

How to Deposit on Your Cheetahpay account

First of all, You need to register your own Cheetahpay account which is absolutely free. After successful registration , Login to Your Cheetahpay account Now From your Cheetahpay account Dashboard You will see the below Menus if you are using Mobile Phone convert recharge card to money From the Menu, Select the Deposit Airtime option which is the first option on the list. After that a new page will appear as show below. convert recharge card to money From this page, You can select the option through which you want to make your Deposit on Cheetahpay. There are two available options to deposit on Cheetahpay.
  • The Airtime pin
  • And the Transfer Method
If You already have the airtime recharged in Your Mobile phone, you can select the but if you have the pin with you, You can make your Deposit on Cheetahpay with the pin option. Lets assume we have our pin here so i selected the pin Option and a new page will show up convert recharge card to money Now, To convert your recharge card to money, simply put the correct PIN from your card and select the Network based on the card you want to recharge.and finally select the recharge card amount and click on The Deposit Button. Your airtime will be processed and will be credited on your account upon validation. I.e Cheetahpay bot will have to verify if your card pin is working or not. Immediately after that’s done, You will see the money reflect in Your Cheetahpay account. Once the money is right in your Cheetahpay account, You can either withdraw it to your bank account or use it to buy airtime.

Still want to know more about how to convert recharge card to money Using Cheetahpay?

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