Best survey Apps in Nigeria that pays in Naira

Because of the difficulty in getting payments from foreign survey apps and due to the fact that most of these survey sites and apps don’t accept Nigerians, we gat to search for survey apps in nigeria perhaps to access them freely without using VPN and also to earn our money in local currencies directly to our Bank account.

There are very few survey apps in nigeria that pays good money but in this article am going to show you two best and top paying survey apps in nigeria to earn some coins which you can easily convert to naira via the redeem button from the apps.

With these two survey apps, your search for apps that pays in Naira has come to an end because you get paid in airtime or bank transfer directly to your local bank of choice.. Have you been searching for legit apps that pays in Naira?, Best apps to make money in nigeria?, Survey apps in nigeria or other related findings? them this article will be of help but before i share with you this apps, let me show you how they work.

How Does these Survey apps in nigeria works?

Every survey site or app goes with different functions and features but below are the ways to earn from our suggested survey apps that pays in Naira.

  • You Earn to Watch Videos

    There are many videos to watch when you login these apps: You get your reward in coins immediately you finished watching the videos.

    There are over 100 videos on a roll daily and each video with different point to earn depending on how long or short the videos are: In that case you earn for as many videos that you watch daily: Here you end your search for Apps that pays for watching videos.

  • You earn for daily Logins:

    These apps pays you 20coins for your daily login. That means you get the inscribed reward every 24hrs. All you need to do is login the app and click on daily reward and your account will be credited automatically.

    Have you been searching for apps that pays you to login? Apps pays to watch videos? best free survey apps in nigeria? then here comes the best options.

  • You earn to refer others

    As soon as you register on these apps, you’re giving your unique referral ID or Code. When any friend activate their referral earning using your ref code then you will earn 50coins and the friend will also earn 50coins.

    Both of you will earn the same amount credited directly and immediately to your app wallet. All you need to do is give you ref code to friends you refer and tell them to use it in activating their ref earning.

    they will only put your code in their referral page and click on Earn now: As soon as their account is credited you will also get yours.

  • Read News to earn

    Am sure you already know of websites that pays for reading news but in case you’re not aware that we also have apps that pays for reading news this article will create awareness about one.

    These apps also pays you when you read news: In that case you make money reading news everyday. Isn’t that awesome? Yes it’s. There are Lot’s of news updated daily. All you need to do is login your app, read the news and claim your point (coin) and it will be credited to your wallet.

How to get paid from the survey Apps

Even after partaken on all of the listed activities and having accumulated some earnings the questions is “How can you withdraw your money from these survey apps in nigeria?”

There are two options to redeem your coins: It’s either you get paid with recharge Cards or You get paid to bank. It all depend on which way you want to get your money. In which ever way you have chosen to go with, kindly take below notes.

Points to get your money in airtime is smaller while getting your money in bank cash is bigger: In that case you will need to accumulate more earning to withdraw to bank unlike when you want to redeem with airtime.

I will show you how each apps payment works as i list the two apps below.

Best and Legitimate Survey apps in nigeria

The two apps below have almost the same function. which you get paid to read news, watch videos and Login daily from one, you only get paid to watch videos and login daily from the other.

  • InstaNaira Review:

    Insta Naira app pays you to watch videos , Read news and also for your daily logins.. You earn 20points for daily logins, You earn as high as 10points for watching each videos and you earn 1point or more for reading news depending on the daily revenue share.

    instanaira review scam legit

    Below are the coins you need to redeem them into cash or recharge card….

    survey apps in nigeria InstaNaira

    InstaNaira Registration:

    Download InstaNaira on Google Playstore or Apkpure here

    Open the app and click on Sign up button:

    after registration you will be automatically logged in to your dashboard, Where you will see the options to earn your daily coin, earn to watch videos and also earn to read news.

    To earn your 50points Referral Bonus, simple click on your menu button and select Refer & earn

    Enter dSw1tn as your Referral invite Code and click on get points.

    If your balance is not credited automatically just refresh the app and you will see the 50points accumulated in your earning. You can also copy your Referral code to others whom you want to refer. when they activate their Referral points using your code you will earn 50points while they earn likewise.

  • Naira Rewards Review:

    Unlike InstaNaira where you Read news to earn, Here you only earn watching videos and your normal daily login earning. Like i said earlier, these two apps are similar with slight differences.

    naira Rewards Review

    Payments of airtime recharge are made every Fridays of the week while bank transfer payments are made 28th of every month. And your account must be 7days old before it can be eligible for withdrawal. Check out below screenshot for coins and withdrawal

    The remaining on the shot which i couldn’t capture is 24800coins= 10,000Naira..

    Naira Rewards Registration:

    Download Naira Rewards app from google Playstore or directly from ApkPure here install and launch the app then click on sign Up. Fill in your details correctly.

    naira Rewards review

    After registration you will be taken to the homepage and your dashboard automatically where you will see the options to watch videos and earn with others as explained earlier.

    To earn your Referral reward, kindly click on the side menu and select the invite & earn option

    Enter NfrYT7 as your invite code and click on Claim 50 coins and your wallet will be credited automatically.

Wrapping Up: Survey Apps in Nigeria that pays in Naira

Yes it’s certain both apps have almost the same function but the first one “instaNaira App” Got more features and look for advanced.

However, you can run the both apps on the same device to increase your earning faster and more easy.

The amount you earn on both apps depends on how active you’re in watching videos, Reading news, Daily activities etc… Remember these apps might not help you earn millions but can help clear some bills while you get yourself entertained. If you find this article helpful kindly share and tweet this page with your friends.

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