Top 3 Nigeria Apps to Create Virtual Cards for online use

Here comes the digital Era where everything is becoming online and internet courteous. We make payment everyday online even in foreign/international online stores among which many of these stores reject Naira master or Visa credit Cards: Instead of struggling with these sites in making payments you gat to find some alternatives to payments which is getting virtual Credit Cards. Now you’re like “What are the best apps to create virtual Cards online in Nigeria“? since you may want everything to be handy and easy via your mobile device.

Without doubt, there are many apps in Nigeria which allows you to create virtual Visa Cards for online usage e.g Making Facebook adverts payment, Google AdWords payments, Buying from google playstore and other international stores.

Let’s not go too far beating around the bush instead let me explain what it means here by virtual Cards for the sake of the newbies who have little or no idea about how virtual Cards works.

How does virtual Cards Works?

Virtual Cards are like your normal ATM (Master or Visa Credit Cards) Which you can use for online transactions. But this Cards are mostly Dollar Cards, they comes with the USD currency which makes it impossible to use them in purchasing from local online stores such as Jumia,, Etc instead you can only use them on sites that accept Dollar Payments.

Though most of these apps to create virtual Cards also offers Naira Cards which means you can also create your local made Card for buying online here in Nigeria.

Virtual Cards aren’t real like your ATM card because you can’t fell them instead they are digital as they are not connected to any of your physical bank.

When you create a virtual Card, you will only get the essential part which you need for online transactions e.g Your name, Your CVV, Card Number and expiry Date. With this details you can shop or make payments online using your virtual Cards without anyone knowing you’re using Virtual Cards.

You can fund this Cards when you run out of balance. You can add money to them anytime you need to fund them and the money in it remans until you process some successful transactions which you’re been charged for.

If you have Dollar Virtual Card, you can add money to it using your Naira Card and these apps will automatically help convert your money to Dollar or any of your desirable currency depending on the app features.

You can terminate your Cards anytime you want and also get your money back if you want to withdraw it.

Without doubt, Virtual Cards has been of great helps to many Nigerians bypassing the challenges of making international payments since majority of Nigerian cards aren’t compatible for foreign transactions.

There are very few apps or websites which offers these services in Nigeria. In this article i will be discussing some top Apps to create virtual Cards in Nigeria.

Best Nigeria Apps to Create virtual Cards

All of the below apps can be used to to create virtual credit or debit Cards which you can use for online transactions and all apps are downloadable from google Playstore.

  • GetBarter App

    GetBarter or Flutterwave allows you to create both Virtual Visa Cards and Naira Cards online.

    You only have this two Cards to create , before you can create another Card you will have to terminate the existing one which you can do in 24hrs after creating Card. I.e you cannot terminate card immediately after creating it unless till the next day.

    When you terminate your Card, the balance therein goes back to your barter Wallet which is readily available to make new cards or for withdrawal.

    You can fund your Card anytime you want with any amount when you’re out of balance. As soon as your Card is created you get your Card number, CVV and expiry Date. and the card also comes with any name of your choice.

    How to Create Card Using GetBarter App

    Download this App from Google Playstore preferably, Create account and login to your barter account. There you will see already existing default Card.

    all you need to do is Fund your wallet with some funds and Create a new visa Card. (perhaps the one you want to be in dollar currency)

    In addition to this app functions, you can use your balance to buy airtime, pay DSTV and other bills and also Buy data subscription.

  • Wema Alat App:

    The wema alat is an app which allows you to create an active virtual bank right from your existing Nigeria bank using your BVN number. and other of your Bank details

    With the Wema alat you will get a virtual bank where others can also send you money just like a normal bank with your account number and name.. You can also transfer to others right from your available balance.

    The alat is a complete bank as it function just like a real bank with almost exact features. You can create Naira and Dollar Cards using this App. or website

    Alat also have some additional features which allows you to create goals and save for business, Marriage, investment, education etc while you gain some annual interests from your savings. You can use the money in your wallet to pay bills and buy airtime or transfer to other banks.

    The Wema Alat is a complete online bank in Nigeria. You can access them via website or you can download the mobile app for more ease here

    One other fact about Alat is that you can get your Naira Card for online use. You can order the Card and get it delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria without addition Charge. And this Card can be used on any ATM machine to withdraw your available alat balance.

  • Wallet Nigeria:

    This is another mobile app which allows you to create Dollar card for online transactions.

    Download the wallet App from Google Playstore, Signup as a new member.

    From the next page enter your mobile number and Password then complete your registration. You Can now login to your dashboard.

    You can fund your wallet with your ATM Card in Naira and any available balance in your wallet can be used for transactions such as transferring from one Nigeria bank to another, Pay bills e.g electricity, Education, TV subscription, Data subscription etc.

    You can also use the money in your wallet to Create New Dollar Card. Just click On Dollar Cards from your dashboard and you will be taken to a new page where you can process your card.

    Note: You will be charged $5 for creating a new Card unlike other virtual Card making apps where you create cards for free. You can learn more about their Card Here

Wrap Up: Best Nigeria Apps to create virtual Cards online

So far we have listed top three Best apps to create virtual Cards in Nigeria. We shall surely update this page if we come in contact with other effective ones in the future.

Creating virtual Cards has always been easy, Free and more convenient using GetBarter App. Also The wallet app is fast and effective without much forms or verifications to pass but the Fee of $5 makes it unaffordable to many Internet users looking for free stuffs. Meanwhile they are also a good choice.

Alat is great but gat too many processes and verifications to pass since it’s almost a real Bank. In that case you fill many forms like you’re opening a physical bank account. In which ever one you choose to use, they are all awesome apps.

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