Current Amazon Commission Rates For Amazon affiliate marketers

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Apart from making the above searches when you want to get started as an amazon affiliate marketer, you also apply the same tactics to any other affiliate program since what matters most as a affiliate marketer is how much you earn for every successful sale. Have you been reading successful stories of those making it big from amazon affiliate program? do you ever think they earn the 6figures monthly income from just one sale? Am glad you landed on this page to get your answer. After reading this post, you will be able know how amazon affiliate works and the current amazon commission rates for each successful sales. One thing you must note about amazon affiliate program is that amazon India affiliate commission rates is different from other countries. We shall discuss this as well. Before landing on this page, it means you already know about amazon affiliate program and you’re only searching for amazon commission rates to finally make your decision wither to join or not so there’s no need explaining what’s amazon affiliate program here again instead let’s go straight to the point to learn about amazon affiliate commission rates.

2018 Amazon Commission Rates for all amazon affiliate Marketers

Formally, Amazon affiliate program do pays on how many sales you’re able to get through your affiliate or referral links. If you generate more sales through your affiliate links, Your amazon commission rates will go higher compared to others who generates less sales. This affiliate commission model was only favouring the amazon affiliate gurus not until recently when amazon made some changes on their commission rates So what’s the Currently amazon commission rates and status? Now amazon pays based on the categories of products you promote.
  • Video Games and Video games Consoles you earn 1.00% Commission
  • Televisions, Digital Video Games you earn 2.00% commissions
  • PC, PC components, DVD and Blu-ray You earn 2.50% commissions
  • Toys You earn 3.00% commissions
  • Amazon Fire table Devices, Dash Buttons, Amazon kindle Devices You earn 4.00% Commissions
  • Physical Books,Health and personal care,Sport,Kitchen,Automotive,Baby Products You earn 4.50% Commissions
  • Grocery, Digital music, Physical Music,HandMade, Digital Videos You earn 5.00% Commissions
  • Outdoors and Tools You earn 5.50% Commissions Per sale
  • HeadPhones, Beauty,Musical instruments, Business and industrial supplies You earn 6.00% Commission Rates
  • Apparel,Amazon element smart TV (with Fire TV), amazon fire TV devices,Jewelry, Luggage,shoes, handbags and accessories, watches,Amazon echo devices You earn 7.00% commission rates
  • Furniture, Home, Home improvement,Lawn and garden,pet Products,Pantry You earn 8.00% Commission Rates
  • Amazon Women fashion, Men and kids private label, Luxury beauty, Amazon Coin You earn 10.00% commission rates
  • For other Product Categories, you earn 4.00% commission rates

amazon india affiliate commission rates

All of the above listed among commission rates are applicable to any country in the world but the case of India amazon affiliate, the commission rates certainly varies as India amazon commission rates seem higher than other countries. Kindle Devices & eBooks You earn 10%
  • Consumer Electronics & Accessories (excl. Data Storage Devices) You earn 4%
  • Mobile Phones* You earn 2.5%
  • iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X* You earn 2.5%
  • Mobile Accessories* You earn 4%
  • Televisions You earn 4%
  • Gift Cards You earn 2%
  • Mobile RechargeYou earn 2%
  • Apparel & Shoes You earn 9%
  • Health & Personal Care You earn 8%
  • Books You earn 8%
  • Music, Movies, Video games and Software You earn 5%
  • Cars, Motorbikes and Industrial Products You earn 8%
  • Toys and Baby Products You earn 9%
  • Watches You earn 9%
  • Jewellery (excluding Gold and Silver coins) You earn 8%
  • Gold and Silver coins You earn 0.2%
  • Home and Kitchen You earn 10%
  • Kitchen Appliances You earn 9%
  • Personal Care Appliances You earn 8%
  • Fire TV Stick You earn 10% amazon Commission Rates
  • Luggage and Bags You earn 9%
  • Sports, Fitness and Outdoors You earn 9%
  • Office and Stationery You earn 8% amazon commission rates
  • Musical Instruments You earn 8%
  • Grocery and Gourmet You earn 8%
  • Data Storage Devices You earn 2% Commission Rates
  • Major Appliances You earn 5%
  • Pantry You earn 8%
  • Tyres, Bicycles & Heavy Gym Equipment You earn 2.5% as Amazon affiliate commission rates
  • For any Other Product sold from amazon which is not on the above list , you earn 10% Amazon affiliate commission rates
  • Wrapping Up: Amazon commission Rates

    The amount you earn as an amazon affiliate marketer depends on how many sales you’re able to make through your affiliate links
    All of the above are the current amazon commission rates for affiliate marketers Looking forward to get started as an amazon affiliate marketer. Did you want to get started with amazon affiliate program having learnt about the amazon commission rates? You can check out here Amazon affiliate program has always remained a good way to earn online if really you can implement the strategies that works. Please remember to share this post and also Subscribe to our newsletter for more updates. Google Search Terms:
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