Affiliate Marketing in Kenya: Top affiliate programs in Kenya to make money

affiliate marketing jobs in kenya,affiliate businesses in kenya,cpa marketing kenya. Affiliate marketing in Kenya is one of the best methods through which you can earn money online in Kenya as a student, Graduate , undergraduate or even the working class.

With affiliate marketing in Kenya as an online business, there’s no limit to the amount you can earn monthly as it all depends on you and your promotional strategies. Affiliate marketing in Kenya has always remained a lucrative online business for many reasons which we shall be listing but few here.

What is affiliate marketing in Kenya?

Affiliate marketing is an online business model where affiliate marketers promote other people’s products for certain amount of commissions. As an affiliate marketer, you can pick any product worth promoting online to start making money immediately even without having your own Product. In a case where you have your own Products for sale, then we say it’s information marketing.

Why you should Start affiliate marketing in Kenya as an online business

Among the many reasons why affiliate marketing in Kenya should be considered, below are the most essential reasons you must choose affiliate marketing as an online business in Kenya.
  1. You don’t need Your own Product

    As an affiliate marketer, you must not own your product before your can make money online. Affiliate marketing allows you to make money by just selling and promoting already made products online.
  2. The startup Capital is Extremely Low

    To get started as an affiliate marketer, registration fee is always free but you need to own a website for effective affiliate marketing which will cost you very little amount of money. Having setup your own Blog, it’s only left for you to drive visitors to your blog while you promote your selected affiliate products for commission.
  3. Multiple Income Stream:

    As an affiliate marketer, there’s no limit to the amount of affiliate products you can promote at the same time. You can be making money promoting various products on your affiliate website on how strategic you’re. That’s one other reason why affiliate marketing in Kenya remains a lucrative online business worth giving a shot.
Having learnt that affiliate marketing in Kenya is a lucrative business you can start with little or no capital, let’s further to listing some top affiliate programs in Kenya where you can easily get started with your affiliate marketing.

Top Affiliate Programs In Kenya

If you are looking forward to get started with affiliate marketing in Kenya, below are some top lists of affiliate programs in Kenya to get started.
  • Jumia affiliate Program

    Jumia is arguably one of the largest online shopping malls in Kenya. Jumia adverts can be spotted almost all over the internet including on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The Nigerian-based online marketplace was founded by Jeremy Hodora and Sacha Poignonnec in 2012 but is now spread over eight countries in Africa (Egypt, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco, Cameroon, Uganda, and Ghana). Jumia is good for Kenyan expert bloggers considering it deals with a variety of products including home appliances, fashion, kids, and electronics to mention a few. Its affiliate program was launched in November 2014 and offers affiliate marketing jobs in Kenya for anybody with a website, social media account or blog. Affiliates would receive 11% commission if the customers referred purchase the products within thirty days of clicking the link. All payments are made via a bank transfer. 11% is a considerable commission considering Amazon offers 4% and with Jumia, you can choose from text links, product feeds or banners to give the product information to potential buyers.
  • Travel Start Affiliate program

    Travelstart partnership program is simply a paid referral system. You recommend their site to your users by placing the affiliate banners or links on your website. When your users click through Travelstart site and make a booking, you earn money. As simple as that! The Travelstart Partnership programme gives all its partners the chance to profit from the company’s continued success. The perks you get from promoting Travelstart are endless including: Super low prices: Travelstart negotiates directly with suppliers to secure access to the lowest prices and exclusive rates. As a Travelstart affiliate, you’re able to showcase these promotions on your site. Earn highly competitive commissions from day 1, at no cost to you. Travelstart supply you with the tools, feeds and support you need to acquire customers A top-notch CRM programme dedicated to building long-term customer retention and loyalty.
  • Itravel Africa affiliate program

    Another travel site specializing in Africa travel. They offer online booking and information for their customers, individual safaris, beach holidays, hotels and lodges, rentals, flight and tours. ItravelAfrica Affiliate program allows you to get a lifetime earning for the customers you refer. Their commission rates are also not clearly stated
  • Kenya Pesa affiliate program

    affiliate marketing in Kenya Kenyapesa affiliate program allows you to Refer your friends and colleague to KenyaPesa and get paid for it. To become an affiliate, all you have to do is Register for a free account. Once you have registered, log into your account. In your Member Area you will find a referral link which your referrals must use when registering in order for your account to be credited. For every new customer you refer to KenyaPesa, the company will pay you CAD 5.00 per referral once they complete the first order. These referral earnings will be credited to your account and are displayed in your Member Area. You can withdraw your referral earnings once the amount reaches $10.
  • Betin Kenya Affiliate program

    affiliate marketing in Kenya Betin Kenya is actually the best affiliate program for Kenyan bloggers. In this program, you are required to send an email to Betin indicating your personal information, website domain, number of unique visitors to your website per day/month and contact details. Betin affiliate program will then evaluate your website and decide whether to allow you advertise their products or not. You should be aware that only websites with more than 1,000 daily unique visitors can be allowed to place Betin Kenya banners on their websites.
  • KiliMall Affiliate Program

    affiliate marketing in Kenya Kilimall, just like Jumia, has a wonderful affiliate program. This online shop offers attractive commission for bloggers who successfully directs customers into buying Jumia products.Kilimall affiliate Commissions earned from the successful sales range from 2% to 8%.

Wrapping up:affiliate marketing in Kenya

Affiliate marketing in Kenya is indeed a good way to make money online but your need to understand the whole process of how to start successful affiliate marketing that pays. The whole process goes like: Creating an affiliate website for the products you want to promote, Writing unique and traffic driving articles, Writing reviews about your products while you include your affiliate links. Did you find the above information on affiliate marketing in Kenya really helpful? Kindly share and tweet us below. Remember to subscribe for more updates. Search Terms:to Affiliate marketing in kenya.
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